Information from SDOT on LCW Work

Just South of 125th & LCW – Bus Stop Extension

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The below message is information from Paul Elliott with SDOT Community Relations on May 2, 2018:

 “I’m sorry to hear that we’ve got people concerned about a permanent loss of valued on-street parking on Lake City Way.  The “no parking” a-frames that have appeared are indeed for construction. 

Our contractor is going to be nearly doubling the length of the southbound bus stop on Lake City Way, just south of NE 125th St.  Currently, the zone is 65-feet long and can only serve one bus at a time.  When there are two coaches that approach the zone, one bus must wait on the north side of the intersection, delaying bus patrons, while also causing traffic backups on both southbound Lake City Way and eastbound NE 125th St. Continue reading “Information from SDOT on LCW Work”

Mobility Fair

Lake City Mobility Fair – Sat., May 12th

Lake City Community Center from 11am – 2pm

Some of the organizations that will be tabling at the event:

  • SDOT Transportation Equity
  • SDOT New Mobility (Electric Vehicle, ride share, car share)
  • Community Access & Parking (SDOT: Jonathan Williams)
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Vision Zero (SDOT: Connie Combs)
  • ORCA LIFT (King County Public Health)
  • Transportation Navigation Services & Tools (Hopelink)
  • Car share provider (Reachnow)
  • Bike Share providers (Ofo & Limebike)

Interpreters will be on hand That Speak:

  • Somali
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Tigrinya
  • Amharic
  • Oromo
  • Spanish


LCW Medians Get Some Love

SDOT: Maintenance for LCW Medians

Lake City Way NE

Earlier this year LCFF convened a meeting with SDOT and local business owners Annie Stocker (Two Dog Yoga), Joel Calvert (All State Insurance), LC Greenway’s Monica Sweet and LC’s own Chuck Dickey to discuss the condition of the Lake City Way medians and to advocate for them to get on the maintenance schedule. While it took some time and some follow up, the medians are getting some much needed attention.

Thank you so much to Darren Morgan with SDOT for being our point person on this effort. I asked Darren to provide a little bit about the current work and what we can expect going forward. Darren offered the following;

“LCW medians are getting some TLC after a whirlwind Summer of 2017!  Gary Hren, our landscape supervisor, and I are working closely together to really nail down tactics for tough arterial median locations this Fall.  We are emphasizing timing and getting staffing numbers optimized to execute litter pick up, pruning, mulching and herbicide applications as efficiently as possible.  Gary and I visited the medians again on Friday and actually walked one of them to take a close look at the plant conditions, mulch levels and weed populations.  We agreed that the next step was to finish the pruning on the north median and use the break in weather to spot spray Autumn’s push of weed growth between desirable plants.  (This happened yesterday) We also agreed that in a few weeks (after herbicide is absorbed by weeds) we will need to return to mulch areas where the desirable plant material has been lost.  Longer term, we are now seriously considering bringing in new plant material to help outcompete the weeds in the bare areas (north and south of the older median which are relatively weed free due to soil compaction and tree competition).  This can help improve aesthetics and further minimize herbicide use. We have not yet decided on species or quantities, but we would like to select something that is already doing well in the medians, such as heather and sword fern- but we are considering others.  This last step is not yet fully planned, but I can say that we are committed to the follow up mulching by the end of November.  Also, I have given direction to remove all un-permitted temporary signage in the medians when we are onsite performing maintenance.”

Safe Routes to Cedar Park Elementary

SURVEY CLOSING on October 10th with Open House on October 20th


SDOT is requesting that residents send in their survey responses by October 10th, 2016.  SDOT will use this information to understand areas of concern within the neighborhood and initial ideas for addressing those concerns. The easiest way to submit feedback is through the online survey:Take Survey


Should anyone want to send in comments after the October 10 deadline, they can still drop off hard copies of the survey at the School or fill the online survey.

Public Open House October 20thThe project team is hosting an Open House on October 20. It is set up as a community drop-in session with SDOT staff to review the comments we have received to date and share your opinions about how to make Cedar Park safer and easier to walk and bike.

Tuesday, October 20, 2016
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Lake City Presbyterian Church
3841 NE 123rd St (enter from 40th Ave NE)

Below is the link to the project:

Project Link


Cedar Park Safe Routes to School

SDOT Wants to Hear From You


Please weigh in on Safe Routes to Cedar Park – cedar-park-comment-sheet

 Cedar Park Fact Sheet

What is Safe Routes to School?

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a local, state, and national movement to make it easier and safer for students to walk and bike.  The Seattle Department of Transportation supports this effort by funding engineering improvements, education, and encouragement campaigns at public and private schools throughout Seattle. Continue reading “Cedar Park Safe Routes to School”