Lake City History Mural

Lake City History Mural Key 


1. Columbia Mammoth 

2. Longhouse at Matthew’s Beach 

3. Duwamish person hanging salmon to smoke 

4. The “Squak” passenger boat from Seattle to Lake City 

5.  Traditional Duwamish dugout canoes 

6. “Lake” station sig, how Lake City got it’s name 

7. Great Northern Railroad passenger train from Seattle to Lake City 

8. “Oriental Gardens” Farm owned by the Nishitani Family 

9. “Hayashi Farms” owned by the Hayashi family 

10. The Hayashi Family 

11. Virgil Flaim 

12. Chuck Dickey 

13. Frank O’Brien 

14. Lake City salmon bake ovens, constructed annually for Pioneer Days 

15. Lake City Community Center 

 16. The Jolly Roger Speakeasy 

 17. The Pioneer Days princess float 

18. Yakima Nation Visiting Princess 

19. Dick’s Drive in 

20. Imogene Inglet riding the Lake City Vigilantes car in the Pioneer Days Parade 

21. Local Drill team performing in the parade 

22. Local Chinese dance performers in the parade 

23. Lake City Theater 

24. Lake City Bowling (site of Interior Floor Design and current mural) 

25. Thornton Creek

Mural Outline with numbers corresponding to the Index or Key