Arts & Culture Committee

  • “Empty Store Front Arts Program”
  • Connect Lake City Artists to Opportunities in the Community
  • Activate Spaces through Arts and Culture Programing
  • Promote Art and Cultural Expression in Lake City


To help create and facilitate arts and cultural programming as a means to build community and connect these efforts to our local businesses.


Staff position: Chris Leverson, Director
Name of members


Arts & Culture Approach

Lake City is home to a diverse artistic community. By compiling a list of artist, musicians and those interested in sharing their unique culture with the broader community we hope to see opportunities to grow in Lake City for the benefit of all. Artistic and Cultural expression crosses barriers and builds community while enhancing our collective experience. Lake City Future First will work with other local organizations and community partners to promote and highlight the wealth of artistry in this community. We hope to build a committee that reflects our communities diversity and works closely with the LCFF board toward our broader mission of convening and promoting Lake City.  

Arts & Culture Principles

The Arts & Culture Committee will align its principles with the LCFF Strategic Plan to:

  • Be Inclusive
  • Connect Business to Community
  • Help Connect Community Members to Opportunities
  • Facilitate an Environment of Sharing and Relationship Building


  • “Music in the Mini Park” Concert Series
  • Promotion and Support of SalmonFest Seattle
  • “Empty Store Front Arts Project”
  • Build Artist Connectivity