Communications Committee



  • Branding
  • Website
  • Content Management
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Arts



Brand Lake City as creative, eclectic, and ideal for investment.


Committee Members

Chris Leverson, Director
Robin Crowder,
Chair, Enjoy Lake City



Please check back for our monthly committee meeting dates, location and time.



Achieving Lake City’s vision for local entrepreneurs, livable-wage employers, and diverse residents requires connecting residents to business owners, so together we can promote the diversity of our business community. This means a thoughtful and inclusive branding and communications effort that reaches our residents, benefits businesses, and raises awareness outside our community about the uniqueness that is Lake City – north of the Ship Canal.

A key aspect of this strategy will be to establish a robust website with a calendar of events and promotions, blogs from within our community – immigrants, youth, seniors, families, etc. – and volunteer and community input opportunities. Our efforts will also include the promotion of Arts in Lake City.



The Communications Committee will align its principles with the ELC Strategic Plan to:

  • Harness the energy, interests, and passions of Lake City businesses, partner organizations, residents, and other stakeholders to bring everyone together in order to address common issues as a group.
  • Celebrate the rich culture in Lake City with meaningful gatherings of diverse communities within Lake City.
  • Listen to the community.
  • Speak on behalf of Lake City with a strong voice to:
    • be a visible and leading advocate for effective leadership in Lake City
    • guide business retention and economic development
    • enhance urban design and public spaces
    • ensure community well-being
    • promote the district
  • Advocate for all businesses and residents, all income levels, and all needs, to make it possible for a diverse, vital, and inclusive community to live, work, and enjoy Lake City.



We will work through our committee and with other committees to:

  • Increase availability of information about Lake City and volunteer opportunities in blogs, email, and social media
  • Collaborate on efforts that make Lake City an attractive place to live, work and recreate.
  • Encourage people to get out of their cars, walk around, and patronize businesses
  • Host an online community where business owners and residents can connect
  • Maximize the potential of public events to catalyze economic development within the Lake City Hub Urban Village
  • Bring new ideas to foster the development of arts and culture


Recommended Strategies to Achieve the Goals and Committee Mission

Neighborhood Communication: develop and implement a regular and frequent communication strategy. Areas of focus include developing a neighborhood identity/brand by starting with a robust website and other collateral materials. Promotion is important in contributing to and managing a new positive image for Lake City.

Community Events: plan and prepare for events to promote the retail corridor, and raise funds for and seek volunteers for operational support to ELC staff. Our signature event will be our quarterly (or more frequent) Community Conversations. We will support other neighborhood events ranging from a large street festival (Lake City Summer Festival and Parade) or smaller events, such as grand openings or “taste of” restaurant promotions. Events provide an opportunity to highlight how positive changes in the neighborhood allow the community to gather and celebrate, bring new people to the district, and can further brand it as a destination. Well-organized events can help to change overall perceptions of the area.


Communications Catalytic Projects

(from Strategic Plan)

  1. Enjoy Lake City Branding: Website (Jobs on Website), Social Media, Calendar of Events
  2. Community Conversations: Arts -> Coral & Keep Moving, Arts Calendar, Arts in Storefront
  3. 125th Street Park