Planning and Development Committee



  • Coordination with DPD
  • Creation of Neighborhood Development Guidelines
  • Development Review
  • Monitor Permit Review
  • Coordinate Planning and Urban Design
  • Community Outreach for Public Input


Enable development that is responsive to our shared community vision for Lake City Seattle.


Committee Members

Ray Robinson
, Chair
Monica Sweet
Mark Von Walter
Brennan Jernigan
Mark Mendez
Arash Akbar



We will create guidelines and encourage development that support Lake City’s vision as a vibrant place for creative and eclectic activity. Considerations include urban density, urban form, housing, public space, multi-modal transportation, and human services.

To achieve development goals and produce meaningful guidelines, we will coordinate our efforts to include design and development standards, zoning, coordination with transit agencies, advocacy and incentives, and public and private investment.



The Planning and Development Committee will align its principles with the LCFF Strategic Plan to:

  • Harness the energy, interests, and passions of Lake City businesses, partner organizations, residents, and other stakeholders to bring everyone together in order to address common issues as a group.
  • Celebrate the rich culture in Lake City with meaningful gatherings of diverse communities within Lake City.
  • Listen to the community.
  • Speak on behalf of Lake City with a strong voice to:
    • be a visible and leading advocate for effective leadership in Lake City
    • guide business retention and economic development
    • enhance urban design and public spaces
    • ensure community well-being
    • promote the district
  • Advocate for all businesses and residents, all income levels, and all needs, to make it possible for a diverse, vital, and inclusive community to live, work, and enjoy Lake City.



We will work through our committee and with other committees to utilize the planning guidelines and concepts of the Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan, the Urban Design Framework, this Committee’s revisions the Neighborhood Development Guidelines, and the adopted Zoning revisions.

As Lake City grows and changes in the coming years, these principles will help guide our development:

  1. Encourage business, employment, ethnic, and economic diversity.
  2. Grow at a human-scale that reinforces Lake City’s unique sense of place and character.
  3. Encourage development that enhances the public realm, increases open space, and enhances natural features.
  4. Improve sidewalks and pedestrian connections within the Civic Core, and to public schools and parks.
  5. Build on existing transit service and identify opportunities for new facilities that make it easier for people to ride transit and bicycles.
  6. Provide housing for our diverse population.
  7. Improve access to services and activities that nurture healthy, vital communities.
  8. Capitalize on the Thornton Creek watershed.


Recommended Strategies to Achieve the Goals and Committee Mission

  1. Co-craft the new community planning paradigm with the Seattle Mayor’s Office and the Office of Planning & Community Development (OPCD) to streamline the process of proposed community improvement review with community input.
  2. Coordinate with OPCD regarding planning and urban design.
  3. Coordinate with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), and Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation (DOPAR) regarding improvements in the public right of way.
  4. Coordinate with DOPAR regarding planning and implementation of new open space.
  5. Create Development Guidelines with community review, input, and adoption.
  6. Track and monitor projects that apply for permits.
  7. Meet with developers to assess and provide guidance regarding community design goals for projects.
  8. Shadow projects through the permit process including Early Design Guidance (EDG), Design Review Board proceedings, and departments that review and approve projects for permitting.
  9. Inform the public of projects and enable input.


Planning and Development Catalytic Projects

(from Strategic Plan)

  1. Fred Meyer Community Park
  2. 125th Street Park
  3. 33rd Avenue Park
  4. Thornton Creek Watershed Improvements
  5. SPU – Detention Facility Improvements
  6. Gateways and Neighborhood Nodes
  7. Boulevard Preservation (125th and 35th)
  8. Streetscape Improvements
  9. Tree Preservation Ordinance
  10. Openspace Matrix – Evaluation of Needs, Assessment of Type, and Nomination of Sites
  11. Green Streets
  12. Safe Routes to Schools

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