Clean and Safe Committee



  • Formalizing Clean Up Crews

  • Connect Community to Seattle Police Department



Cultivate a friendly, inviting, clean, and safe community for all.


Committee Members

Molly Burke, Co-Chair Enjoy Lake City

Annette Heide-Jessen, Co-Chair Enjoy Lake City

Clean up crews meet Monthly



A vibrant district of diverse residents, business owners, workers, and entrepreneurs needs a public realm that works for everybody. To ensure friendly, inviting, clean, and safe streets and public areas, Enjoy Lake City will initiate and manage an active program that focuses on crime and disorder hotspots, public rights-of-way, young adult support, community services, and partnerships with law enforcement and educational organizations.



The Clean and Safe Committee will align its principles with the ELC Strategic Plan to:

  • Harness the energy, interests, and passions of Lake City businesses, partner organizations, residents, and other stakeholders to bring everyone together in order to address common issues as a group.
  • Celebrate the rich culture in Lake City with meaningful gatherings of diverse communities within Lake City.
  • Listen to the community.
  • Speak on behalf of Lake City with a strong voice to:
    • be a visible and leading advocate for effective leadership in Lake City
    • guide business retention and economic development
    • enhance urban design and public spaces
    • ensure community well-being
    • promote the district
  • Advocate for all businesses and residents, all income levels, and all needs, to make it possible for a diverse, vital, and inclusive community to live, work, and enjoy Lake City.



  1. Maintain a connection between businesses, human service providers, and public safety entities in Lake City to provide a healthy Lake City
  2. Strengthen law enforcement and educational partnerships between the City and other agencies to identify and mitigate crime and disorder Hotspots.


Recommended Strategies to Achieve the Goals and Committee Mission

Crime Prevention and Security: programs to work with police departments to organize merchants and residents to report crimes, address physical conditions that could reduce crime and make the retail environment feel safe for shoppers and residents.

Clean Activities: ranging from managing neighborhood cleanup days to hiring regular cleaning crews for garbage pick-up and sidewalk and street cleaning. A clean business district not only creates an inviting shopping environment, it also influences perceptions of safety and demonstrates an investment in the commercial district’s surroundings.