Meet Lake City's Mural Artists


“…I’m a homegrown, Seattle born and based artist.  Creating art from a young age, I recently returned to my passion through acrylic and pencil mediums.  Travels throughout the US and Europe, and Africa influence my work, much of which is focused on femininity, thought, self reflection and beauty. My multicultural background, education in social justice and varied life experiences contribute greatly to subjects of my personal work.”

— Stephanie Morales


A multi-disciplinary artist, Lynn Armede DeBeal has always embraced life. Her career started as a specialized glass welder in the semiconductor industry, continued on as an adolescent substance abuse counselor, and eventually landed in finance.   Through much turmoil in life, Lynn’s music and art provided the opportunity to heal and survive.


Andrew Miller is a local artist who paints inspiring, beautiful and community-based murals all around our city.   He donated his time and materials as an artist to engage Lake City Young Leaders Teens in making murals to highlight the diversity of our neighborhood.


An international muralist with commissioned artwork in Spain, Costa Rica, and the US, Esteban Camacho Steffensen‘s subject matter is often environmentally focused, covering biology, education, and fine art.   He works with community leaders during the design process and involves local youth and students in the painting and production.  


“… I hope to engage with the community with my artwork and inspire others to create. I believe that everybody has the ability to create. … I want to inspire young people on their artistic journeys.”

— Kendra Azari

Where to Find Lake City's Murals

Spring/Summer 2016-2017:

  • Value Village Purple Haze – Lynn DeBeal & teens – 12548 Lake City Way
  • North Helpline – Andy Miller & teens – 12736 33rd Ave
  • Elliott Bay Brewery – Andy Miller & teens – 12537 Lake City Way
  • Toyoda Sushi – Andy Miller & teens – 12543 Lake City Way
  • Korochka Mural – Elijah – 12348 Lake City Way
  • Value Village – Andy Miller – 12548 Lake City Way
  • Double J Saloon – Andy Miller & teens – 12534 Lake City Way
  • Jalisco Exterior Part 1 – Andy Miller – 12336 31st Ave NE

Spring/Summer/Fall 2018:


  • Fish Store Mural – Dylan Keene & teens – 12320 Lake City Way
  • Degrazia Auto body – Andy Miller & teens – 12324 31st Ave NE
  • Fish store back – Lynn DeBeal & teens – 12320 Lake City Way
  • 98th and Lake City Way – Andy Miller & teens
  • Manila Manila/Kilimanjaro – Stephanie Morales & teens – 12710 Lake City Way
  • 95th and Lake City Way – Andy Miller & teens
  • Jaliscos Exterior Part 2 – Andy Miller & teens – 12336 31st Ave NE
  • Northbrook Apartments – Kendra Azari, teen inspired – 10215 Lake City Way 
  • Northgate Community Center – Andy Miller & teens – 10510 5th Ave NE
  • NOAA Mural – Esteban Camacho & teens 2820 NE 127th Street
  • Electrical Company – Andy Miller
  • Missy’s Rescue – Dylan Keene & teens – 12322 Lake City Way 
  • Jalisco’s inside mural – Andy Miller – 12336 31st Ave
  • Lake City Travel and Cruise – Kendra Azari – 12316 Lake City Way 
  • Suenos de Salsa – Stephanie Morales – 12524 Lake City Way 
  • Meadowbrook Pool – Andy Miller – 10515 35th Ave NE
  • Apollo Hair – Kendra Azari – 10205 Lake City Way 
  • Mojito’s interior- Stephanie Morales – 7545 Lake City Way

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