Build Lake City Together


Keep an eye on this page to learn about Build Lake City Together and how we can help strengthen our community.

Meetings will be held here:

Seattle Mennonite Church

3120 NE 125th St

For more info:  206-445-8520

Lake City’s getting Busy!

With many popular restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other services, Lake City’s hardworking shop owners are growing stronger together.

Check out the recent updates of businesses supporting our community with take out and delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Planning & Development


Keep up to date HERE on evolving plans in and around the Lake City area, with frequent updates from your informed, local reps from BLCT and ELC.

  • Fred Meyer Community Park
  • 125th Street Park
  • 33rd Avenue Park
  • Thornton Creek Watershed Improvements
  • SPU – Detention Facility Improvements
  • Gateways and Neighborhood Nodes
  • Boulevard Preservation (125th and 35th)
  • Streetscape Improvements
  • Tree Preservation Ordinance
  • Openspace Matrix – Evaluation of Needs, Assessment of Type, and Nomination of Sites
  • Green Streets
  • Safe Routes to Schools

Lake City Business News