Food Is Love Project in Lake City

Build Lake City Together is Proud to be Leading this Effort in the Neighborhood

Donate Here if You Are Able

As of April 8th Build Lake City Together and our faithful group of volunteers have made 184 deliveries of fresh meals and served over 40 unique families (sized between 4 and 8 individuals). We have been thrilled to be able to bring thousands of dollars to Lake City restaurants who provide the food including Jose’s Taqueria, Lake City Gyros, Kaffeeklatsch, Mount & Bao, Pho An and Beyond the Bowl.

Mohamed of Lake City Gyros

A huge thank you to our stable of regular volunteers: Zoe Leverson, Lina Trujillo, Kristin Fender, Ann Hillman, Alyssa Gomez and Susie Henderson. This is not possible without their support and their dedication to safety. We have also been helped by Malcolm Hooper, Tamara Alston and Kristen Cater. We are so grateful to have connected to Marina Gray who is one of the founders of the program. We apologize for anyone we may have missed.

All of the participating restaurants have been generous so please consider choosing one of them the next time you order and thanking them for participating in the Food is Love Project. We hope that while the shutdown lasts we are able to increase the families served and the amount of revenue we can bring to the restaurants.

Please consider donating if you are able: Click Here for Donation Page

Click Here for a Link to Egan Orion’s Podcast Episode Dedicated to the Project