Seattle City Council Public Hearing

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee Agenda June 10, 2020 – 9:30 AM Public Hearing Click Here for Agenda and Info PDF 1. Emergency Permitting and Design Review Ordinance Supporting Documents: Council Bill 119769/Ordinance 126072 Central Staff Memo (4/27/20) […]

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Refugee Artisan Initiative The Refugee Artisan Initiative has been asked by the City of Seattle and King County to make and deliver 11,500 masks to them within 2 weeks. Our refugee and immigrant artisans are working furiously to fulfill the order, but the tight time-frame requires us to seek sewing assistance from our general community as well. […]

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Mayor Town Hall

Message From the City of Seattle “Please join Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and City of Seattle Department Directors for a conversation about North Seattle community needs and how we can work together to support our communities, especially those most impacted, during this pandemic.  Community members are the City’s most vital resource, and the best solutions often come […]

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Advocating for 2024 130th Station Opening

The first vote on 130th is expected to be 2/13/20 and we are still working to get the needed support for a 2024 opening “We’re in a critical moment for 130th Street Station. The Sound Transit System Expansion Committee is expected to vote on the year in which the station opens (2024 to 2031) by […]

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