HeartSpace in Lake City

Something is Happening at 12700 Lake City Way

Build Lake City Together has been hard at work getting two new business incubation programs (Thriftology and Aorta Artists Productions) up and running as well as our new community room at 12700 Lake City Way NE. We have a handful of events under our belt including our monthly free produce events, a LC Art Gallery Show, and cooking classes with Hunger Intervention Program.

We are ready to begin programming the community space called HeartSpace. Below is our introduction statement, mission, and values statement. Soon we will have an online form for community to propose events at the space and we will be maintaining an events calendar so that you can be sure to stay informed on what is happening.

Introduction: HeartSpace is an arts and culture center in Lake City. It is a concept imagined by people who have been listening to residents, business owners, and service providers about what is needed to connect this diverse community. We are starting with activating a vacant storefront in the heart of our community. This is a proof of concept plan as we determine how a mission driven physical space can impact our personal and professional communities. We hope our success will lead to a permanent home in our beloved neighborhood. We encourage broad involvement and participation by residents and organizations to give us feedback and develop the concept with us.

Mission Statement: HeartSpace in Lake City will meet the needs of the surrounding community by providing a flexible community hub that contributes to the well-being of our neighbors in a welcoming and safe environment. Gatherings held at HeartSpace will treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Vision: HeartSpace will evolve as a community centric space created by the community, for the community. Programs will be shaped according to the needs of those that seek out a place to learn, support their community and connect. We want to help our neighbors and community become self-sufficient in a place where expression, cultural exchange, art, and business incubation can happen.

Much more to come!