Petition to Fund Aging Parks Facilities

The Lake City Neighborhood Alliance Sponsors Petition to Fund Aging Parks Facilities

LCNA is sponsoring this petition to FUND OUR AGING PARK FACILITIES. The petition urges the Board of Commissioners of the Seattle Park District (all City Council Members) to consider LCNA’s request for a new, full-service, Parks-operated community center. This effort is being done concurrently with the Green Lake Community Center group who is also sponsoring a petition to have the Seattle Park District fund aging community centers and pools and to abandon use of privatization.

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North Seattle Chamber Announces Big Changes

Letter to NS Chamber Members


Dear North Seattle Chamber of Commerce Member:
            As we put the winter behind us and look forward to a beautiful summer season in Seattle I am excited to share with you the recent work of the Board of Directors of the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce(NSCC). Like our weather, the future is bright!
            During the past, nearly six months, the Chamber Board of Directors have refined the mission statement of the North Seattle Chamber and evaluated our ability to meet our organizational goals and objectives in the most beneficial manner for the members of the Chamber. This look inward brought the Board to the conclusion that we should make some timely, significant changes and historic decisions in our work to improve the business community of north Seattle.
            The first significant change that you will see is that the North Seattle Chamber will not be renewing its management contract of the Lake City Community Center. This effort for the past 5 years has been a great partnership between the Chamber and the City of Seattle. The Chamber has improved the facility where resources permitted and increased programming by welcoming some wonderful new users/tenants. I have notified the Seattle Parks Department of our decision and the Department will begin their process of determining how they will proceed. Don’t worry, the Salmon Fest for 2017 will take place and we are excited to host the community in the Center.
            In addition to the management contract decision the Board of Directors has launched a major change in the way that the Chamber will function in 2018 and beyond. Officially, the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce will cease formal operation on December 31, 2017. However, the goals and objectives embodied in our mission statement will live on in the form of a new alignment with the Business Development Committee of Lake City Future First (LCFF). We have been working closely with the Director of Lake City Future First, Chris Leverson and the Board of Directors of LCFF, to make sure that the new alignment of our organizations is seamless. Look for news from LCFF on future opportunities to become involved with regular business networking events and other ways to promote your businesses.
            You will begin to see cross promotion of events by the NSCC and LCFF online and in print throughout the community and sharing of information by both organizations throughout the summer and fall. The strength of this alignment will be demonstrated by the strong commitment of Lake City Future First and its Business Development Committee to building a strong and vibrant business district for the entire Lake City community. You can also be assured that there will be an opportunity for you to become involved with the LCFF Business Development Committee and add your voice to this exciting transition.

            Change is never easy. The Chamber has worked tirelessly for over 70 years in Lake City to make things better for our businesses and our neighbors and customers. I am confident that this tireless effort will continue in our new partnership with Lake City Future First.

What I can tell you is that the decisions outlined above were made easier and felt right after deliberate and careful discussions. The continued success of our business district and our community guided our final votes. We are confident our members will be excited about the renewed energy and commitment to a thriving business district and serving the needs of our diverse community.

            As the weather moves towards a beautiful time of the year I am excited about the future of the Lake City community. Thank you to the members of the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the work of the Lake City Future First. It has and will continue to be a great honor for me to serve as the President of the Chamber.
Kevin Love, President
North Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Farmers Market is Just Around the Corner

June 8th is Opening Day!


The Lake City Farmers Market was opened in 2002 and has been bringing delicious, local food to the community every year since. It is a popular local destination with over 30 farmers and food artisans who offer a great selection of delicious seasonal fruits, berries, organic produce, eggs, local baked goods, pasture raised meats, ciders, honey, preserves, ready-to-eat foods and more throughout the season. Activities for kids, free cooking classes, and other events schedules EVERY week. Next to a lovely park with picnic area, seating and shady trees. Free market parking in the underground Lake City Library lot. See you there!

Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market


Location: NE 125th st and 28th Ave NE, next to the Lake City Public Library

Market dates: June 8-October 5

Market Hours: 3pm-7pm


Bike Everywhere Day Returns to LC

Hop On Your Bike and Pedal by the LC Mini Park on Friday, May 19th

Captain LCW with Stephanie from last year

May is commonly known as Bike Everywhere month in Seattle – the time of year where saddles get dusted off, and chains get lubricated for the summer. More importantly though, May 19th is Bike Everywhere Day! As in years past, Kaffeeklatsch Seattle and Lake City Future First are partnering with Cascade Bicycle and Performance Bicycle to create the Lake City Celebration Station. This year, we are going to one-up the game; we are partnering with the Seattle Farmers Markets, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Lake City Greenways to create a one-of-a-kind event to greet our neighborhood cyclists.

In addition – the day of you can Bike to Two Dog and take a
$5 Yoga class from 6:00-7:30am (it is light out at that time 🙂

Molly from our very own Lake City Farmers Market will be handing out Farmers Market Coupons to Helmet Carrying Bicyclists. Lake City Farmers Market Opens June 8th. There will also be a raffle….Enter to win a market tote or water bottle, as well as a yet to be named prize from Cascade Bicycle…
If you would like to volunteer at the event, please contact Justus Jessen at
Bring your bikes, because “Something is Happening in Lake City”

Great Event to Talk About the 125th Street Park Space

Thanks to All Who Participated

Fifteen Lake City Neighbors came out on a beautiful sunny Saturday to give their time and energy to ideas around the concrete plaza known as the Lake City Mini Park. We received wonderful support from participants attending  the national Congress for New Urbanism conference. I met about 20 of the CNU folks downtown and we loaded a bus to come up to Lake City and meet our Lake City group at the Mennonite Church for a lively discussion about the possibilities for the space. We look forward to sharing some of the ideas that came out of the event at upcoming events including our concert series starting on June 7th and our Farmers Market booth this summer.

It was really wonderful to get outside perspective from the CNU participants and their ideas and enthusiasm were matched by our own dedicated community members. We did not solve the issues that the plaza has but I believe it helped reinforce the concept that this is an important space and that it has the potential to be an asset.

Enjoy Lake City!