Outreach Committee



  • Community Conversations
  • POEL Work Expansion
  • Event Participation
  • Connecting to Historically Under-Represented Communities
  • Walking Tours



Ensure all voices are heard and are respected.



Committee Members

Ann Fuller, Co-Chair, Enjoy Lake City
Annie Stocker, Enjoy Lake City



Directly engage new and historically underrepresented businesses and residents in order to reach into our community to share in Lake City Voice and Vision. Through dedicated outreach and the Public Outreach Engagement Liaisons (POELs) we will recruit volunteers, develop community leadership, and facilitate organization partnerships. Supporting the organizations that are leading and implementing neighborhood revitalization is critical to the success of neighborhood change. Ensuring their capacity to fund and sustain activities is an important part of reaching revitalization goals.




The Outreach Committee will align its principles with the ELC Strategic Plan to:

  • Harness the energy, interests, and passions of Lake City businesses, partner organizations, residents, and other stakeholders to bring everyone together in order to address common issues as a group.
  • Celebrate the rich culture in Lake City with meaningful gatherings of diverse communities within Lake City.
  • Listen to the community.
  • Speak on behalf of Lake City with a strong voice to:
    • be a visible and leading advocate for effective leadership in Lake City
    • guide business retention and economic development
    • enhance urban design and public spaces
    • ensure community well-being
    • promote the district
  • Advocate for all businesses and residents, all income levels, and all needs, to make it possible for a diverse, vital, and inclusive community to live, work, and enjoy Lake City.



  1. Connect residents and businesses through community building projects.
  2. Encourage active involvement and sustainable leadership with community leaders, volunteers, and staff to achieve program goals.
  3. Partner with Lake City serving organizations to enhance services and deliver successful programs with sustainable funding.
  4. Expand Enjoy Lake City’s engagement structure to include roles for partner organizations and underserved communities.
  5. Mobilize businesses to participate in and provide input for changes in Lake City.
  6. Increase local business participation in community and business events and public process for new public realm projects.


Recommended Strategies to Achieve the Goals and Committee Mission

Connecting to Historically Under-represented Communities: directly engaging and meeting people where they are, whether that is at an existing community meeting or a personal invitation …

Public Outreach Engagement Liaisons (POELs): work with the City of Seattle to localize and expand the POELs in Lake City



Outreach Catalytic Projects

(from Strategic Plan)

  1. Neighborhood Tours