Advocating for 2024 130th Station Opening

The first vote on 130th is expected to be 2/13/20 and we are still working to get the needed support for a 2024 opening

“We’re in a critical moment for 130th Street Station. The Sound Transit System Expansion Committee is expected to vote on the year in which the station opens (2024 to 2031) by late February/early March 2020. This vote, which we hope will be for an early, 2024, opening is expected to be close.

How you can help advocate for a 2024 opening for 130th Street Station:

Send emails to the following Sound Transit board members (not to the whole board as we’ve previously done). Note that Councilmember Juarez and Mayor Durkan believe a 2024 opening is a “no-brainer” and are doing all they can to make that happen.
Dow Constantine King County Executive,
Claudia Balducci King County Council Chair,
Jenny Durkan Seattle Mayor,
Debora Juarez Seattle Councilmember,
Joe McDermott King County Council Vice Chair,
Roger Millar Washington State Secretary of Transportation,
Kim Roscoe Fife Mayor,
Dave Upthegrove King County Councilmember ,
Peter von Reichbauer King County Councilmember,
Victoria Woodards Tacoma Mayor,

Our messages should be positive and persuasive. Ask for a 2024 opening. If they can’t get there, ask for a full design.

Here is a sample message to consider:
I am writing in regard to the upcoming decision that Sound Transit will be making regarding the timing of opening 130th Street Station. I respectfully ask that you consider supporting a 2024 opening of the station. If however, you do not support a 2024 opening of the station, I ask for you to support Sound Transit in getting the station to full design as soon as possible.

130th Street Station will enable efficient access to light rail for communities that, relative to the rest of North Seattle, are more diverse, lower income, and less likely to own vehicles. And, an opening of 130th along with the rest of the Lynnwood line will minimize negative impacts to riders north of Seattle.

Thank you so much for your consideration.hank you for all that you have done in support of 130th Street Station. We would not have gotten so far as a community without all of us working together on this!”