Lake City Murals

The World is Our Canvas

Do you know who painted those colorful murals around the Lake City Community Center? At the request of the community, and thanks in large part to efforts spearheaded by Chuck Dickey – a Lake City resident, volunteer, community advocate, and Chamber and Lion’s Club member – the Lake City Mural Arts Project employed 30+ Seattle Community Court defendants doing court-ordered community service to design and produce these beautiful public artworks in late 2009. The theme of the mural facing Albert Davis Park reflects the history and character of Lake City.

The next time you stroll by, take a moment to pause, look closely, and appreciate the vision, care, and elbow grease given by so many people.

Read Seattle Community Court News, December 2009 (PDF) for project details (page 2), including  awesome step-by-step photos that show the artists at every stage of work (page 9) and the dedication ceremony (page 8).

Photo Contest Winner

Eyes on Lake City


Lake City, NE Seattle, WashingtonOur website photo contest received 22 gorgeous submissions for 2016. We are thrilled to applaud and congratulate KJ Shasho for his striking street-level-view (make that ant’s-eye-view) photo of our beloved neighborhood. It is featured on our home page. KJ Shasho received <prize>, and a hearty handshake!


KJ Shasho with Chris of Lake City Future First1st Place was KJ Shasho
2nd Place was Nancy Osborne

3rd Place was Carol Cummings

Thank you to all our participants for your eye-satisfying submissions. We see ourselves in every one of your portraits, and look forward to enjoying more of your work in years to come.

Download a pdf of all photo submissions here (22 page, 3MB file).


Work Groups and Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks again to all who attended the May 28th event. We will be working on setting up Work Groups and developing a Volunteer Bank in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Below is a scalable graphic showing the card responses from the event. This information will help us with focusing attention on issues that matter most.