LCFF Has Strong Start to 2018

Good News to Share

LCFF is excited to continue to expand our ability to better serve our local businesses and build Community in Lake City. On February 12th Mayor Durkan announced the recipients of the 2018 Only in Seattle grant initiative. Lake City future first was one of several neighborhoods that received funding from this program through the Office of Economic Development. The grant will help to continue to support local small businesses, convene community and help to establish opportunities throughout the Lake City Community. For additional information on the grant and allocations please visit: Only In Seattle.  Within the grant is $5,000 to help support outreach within our immigrant and refugee populations to build capacity to help ensure that the voices of our diverse Lake City are at the table.

  • LCFF received $15,000 dollars from the City and private foundations to continue and expand the work of our Lake City youth and local artists mural projects.
  • LCFF was able to secure office space on the LCW corridor just north of Elliott Bay Brewery to increase our presence and make information more available – Look for us to open sometime in March of 2018.
  • LCFF also received funding from the “Put Arts in the Park” program to once again provide entertainment in our 125th Street Mini Park as well as Albert Davis Park this spring and summer. This program is funded through the Office of Arts and Culture and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

LCFF is excited to be able to continue and improve our service within the community and are very proud of the investments being made in our work. There is much more on the horizon and we hope to share more good news soon. Thank you to all our partners and supporters and all those that live, work and recreate in Lake City.

Work Groups and Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks again to all who attended the May 28th event. We will be working on setting up Work Groups and developing a Volunteer Bank in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Below is a scalable graphic showing the card responses from the event. This information will help us with focusing attention on issues that matter most.


What Is the Only In Seattle Grant?

The Only In Seattle Grant (OIS) is a city funded program to help promote and strengthen economic growth within a neighborhood business district. The city has experienced success implementing the initiative throughout Seattle neighborhoods since 2011. The program concentrates on five basic principles in order to empower businesses owners and communities to organize them around a common vision. The five areas of concentration are: Business and Retail Development/Business Organization Development/Clean and Safe Programs/Appearance and Pedestrian Environment Improvements/Marketing and Promotion. To achieve success within these areas, engaging the community as a whole has proven essential. Representation by a broad and diverse group of stakeholders working toward a common vision for our Lake City business district is the key to our success.

The city has recognized the energy and potential in Lake City and is investing in our efforts. In the first year of the OIS grant our work is to create a sustainable organization for future funding, conduct community outreach, engage our businesses, and develop a plan through a common vision for our business district. Thirty-thousand dollars has been awarded to Lake City to achieve these goals through the guidance of BDS Consulting. Brian Douglas Scott and his team will be working closely with our community stakeholders and lead agency to help reach benchmarks and plan strategically for investment in Lake City’s economic growth potential.

More information regarding the Only In Seattle Grant Initiative can be found here.


Mayor Announces Only In Seattle Grant Award to Lake City

Mayor Announces Only In Seattle Grant Awards
Mayor Murray with members of Lake City Future First. Photo Credit: Dave Morris


On April 1st Mayor Ed Murray officially announced the awarding of the 2014 Only In Seattle grants. Lake City was one of 18 neighborhoods receiving money from the city through the Only In Seattle Initiative. As a first year participant Lake City will be working toward creating a sustainable lead organization, an effective outreach program, and a strategic plan in hopes of qualifying for additional funding in year two of the program.