Lake City Business Association

Build Lake City Together Launches Membership for Lake City Businesses Until September 1, 2020 BLCT is offering free membership to Lake City Businesses in our work to formalize a new “Build Lake City Together Business Association” If you are a business in Lake City you can contact Chris at for the simple membership acknowledgement […]

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Q&A with Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian

Q&A with Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian Community, Connections and a Whole Lot of Heart Enjoy Lake City (ELC) recently visited Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian at the Lake City branch. Nancy shared some of the highlights of her career, her thoughts on the importance of connection and community, and the joys of working out of the box. […]

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Contributors Wanted

Enjoy Lake City is Looking for Writers Do you love to write and have an affinity for our wonderful Lake City neighborhood? is seeking individuals to contribute content in order to better inform and serve out Lake City community. If you are interested please email We have lots of topics to suit your […]

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The Backstory

It’s Halloween and Enjoy Lake City decided to find some good old spooky stories to share with you. Instead, we found something even spookier – there’s nothing spooky here!  This is The Backstory on: Nothing Spooky Here Folks! ELC recently asked about 40 people in Lake City: Seen anything spooky in Lake City lately? Ghostly […]

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The Backstory

The Backstory They’re easy to miss if you don’t already know they’re there, embedded in the sidewalk next to the Seattle Mennonite Church. Thirty-two bronze leaves which, depending on the season and the time of day, can fade barely noticed into the background of the sidewalk, or shine as brightly as stars.  This is The Backstory […]

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