Q&A with Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian

Q&A with Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian

Community, Connections and a Whole Lot of Heart

Enjoy Lake City (ELC) recently visited Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian at the Lake City branch. Nancy shared some of the highlights of her career, her thoughts on the importance of connection and community, and the joys of working out of the box.

ELC: You seem to absolutely love your job. What made you decide to become a children’s librarian?

I’ve always liked libraries. When I was in 7th or 8th grade, my mother went back to school to get credentials to be a school librarian. I was in the library guild in high school and I got a varsity letter in library. I still have it!

Nancy Pew, Children’s Librarian

In college, I thought about library school but it’s hard to do the same thing your mother does, so I got a history major in three years. After graduating, I decided to go to library school after all. After school, I applied to Jesuit Volunteer Corps. I’d never been west of Kansas and I wanted to see other parts of the country. We were very much into social justice and community service and I got a placement at St. Therese Parish here in Seattle, working with African American children in the Central District in 1978.

ELC: You and your husband Pat do a lot of community work together at events in Lake City. How did you meet him?

Pat and I both worked at the same school, and we often worked on projects together. I was a volunteer and he was a teacher. When I first met him, we were doing introductions around the room and he said to me, “Hello I’m Pat Pew, I’m single.” which he’d never said to anyone else before or since. He told me later, “I don’t know why I blurted that out!” He was just mortified.

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