Lease Amendment Tool Kit

Is your business or nonprofit behind in paying rent because of the Covid-19 shutdown?

Announcing a new Lease Amendment Toolkit for small businesses and nonprofits

Created in collaboration with the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development and Perkins Coie

The Lease Amendment Toolkit is designed to give small businesses and nonprofits information and template documents so they can successfully negotiate payment plans with their landlords before the moratoriums are lifted.

The Toolkit has the following components:

  • Written Summary of WA State and City of Seattle Commercial Lease Moratoriums
  • How to Use the Toolkit (instructions)
  • Recorded Webinar: Guidance For Tenants During the Coronavirus Pandemic (with slide deck)
  • Template Lease Amendments (with several payment plan options)
  • Template Lease Termination Agreement
  • Template Letter to the Landlord (short)
  • Template Letter to the Landlord (longer with payment plan options)

The Lease Amendment Toolkit is available for free on our website.

The Lease Amendment Toolkit templates include information that is not designed for any particular situation, but rather gives options that will need to be customized for your particular situation.  You might want to seek legal counsel to get legal advice on customizing these templates for your particular situation.  Small businesses and nonprofits, with 50 employees or less, may make an appointment with an attorney through our Covid-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Legal Clinic to help customize the templates.

Communities Rise is grateful for our partnership with The City of Seattle Office of Economic Development and Perkins Coie to create this helpful toolkit for small businesses and nonprofits!

Please note that this email includes general legal information and not legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a 60-minute legal clinic to discuss your lease question or any other Covid-19 related legal issue, complete our Covid-19 Clinic Client Intake Form. If your organization needs direct representation, contact us for information on how to apply for services or find our applications for legal services on the website.