Pedestrian Safety at 125th and 28th NE

Information From Department of Transportation

As soon as September 23, construction will begin for
the safety improvements at NE 125th St and 28th Ave
NE in Lake City. We will be installing new pedestrian activated signals, painted crosswalks, new curb bulbs
and accessible pedestrian ramps. Construction is
expected to last 2-3 weeks.
Construction impacts will include:
• Typical work hours between 7 AM and 5 PM,
Monday through Friday
• One lane of travel in each direction will be
maintained on NE 125th St
• One lane of travel will be maintained on 28th
Ave NE with a flagger
• Detours for intersection and street closures
may be needed
• Temporary parking restrictions
• Temporary pedestrian and bike detours around
the work zone and staging area
• Temporary driveway restrictions. We’ll notify
you individually if you’ll be impacted
• Access to businesses and homes will be
maintained at all times
• Typical construction noise, dust, and vibrations
Project Benefits:
• Improve the safety of the intersection for
• Better accessibility for people using mobility
devices, riding bikes, or pushing strollers
• Increased visibility of bus riders

Note the addition of a new curb bulbs on the northwest
& southeast corner of 28th and 125th. This adds to the
safety of the intersection by shortening the crossing
distance and increasing the visibility of people waiting to
cross the intersection.

Christa Dumpys, Communications and Outreach Lead
206-256-5458 |