Hayashi Avenue Unveiled 10/9

Lake City Family Recognized With Honorary Street Naming

Through the leadership of Lake Cityzen, Hayden Bixby, 28th Avenue has now had the honorary designation of “Hayashi Avenue” to acknowledge the family that once farmed the land across from our Lake City Library. The gesture is small in the face of the social and racial injustice that the Hayashi’s endured by being incarcerated during WWII but the event was incredibly moving. Shizuo and Yaeko Hayashi’s only living daughter was present at the event as was her daughter, Bonnie Takasugi, who addressed the group that came out for the ceremony.

The event was highlighted by presentations by Nathan Hale students from their Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition, attendance by the Seattle Japanese Consulate General, words from District 5 Council Member Debora Juarez, King County Council Member Rod Dembowski and Hayden Bixby. Thank you to Adiam Emery who is the Director of Transportation Operations with SDOT, for talking about this process. Thank you to Daniel Higa from DENSHO for all her help with connections. We are so grateful to all those that contributed to the campaign that funded the fabrication of the signs.

Build Lake City Together was honored to support this effort. The work is critical and ongoing. Seeing the neighborhood support for this effort and the youth leaders from Nathan Hale reinforced that Lake City is up to acknowledging and working to repair past and current wrongs. Love Lake City!