145th BRT changes | ST online open house ends 8/23

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Information Provided by Caylen Beaty, SDOT’s lead representative for Sound Transit’s NE 145th St & SR 522 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project.

130th & 145th Station Area Planning link to Sound Transit’s BRT online open house (closes Aug 23).

Please be aware of proposed changes:

  1. The proposed removal of the 25th Ave NE BRT station pair and associated sidewalk improvements
  2. The relocation of the Lake City Way (eastbound)/32nd Ave NE (westbound) BRT station pair to 30th Ave NE

“I will note that the BRT station (bus stop) relocation to 30th Ave NE was spurred by SDOT’s interest in seeing transit stations placed at signalized crossings for safer pedestrian access, and concern with road widening impacts on the south side of 145th between 30th Ave NE and Lake City Way NE/SR 522. Fortunately, the station shift eliminates the need to widen on the south side.”