Lake City Way Repaving Update

Update from Washington State Department of Transportation

From Tom Pearce, WSDOT’s lead communicator for this project.

“SDOT’s website has more information about pedestrian improvements at four intersections along Lake City Way that are part of this project.

Regarding the project timeline, in the big picture we only have a general plan from the contractor that is subject to change. A project like this has a lot of moving parts, including getting materials, equipment and subcontractors. Providing the contractor flexibility helps reduce costs.

For the short-term, each week we receive a three-week look-ahead from the contractor, which lays out the next few weeks based on the progress they expect to make. For the next three weeks, beginning June 15, the contractor is working on curbs, gutters and sidewalks, including sidewalk ramps, at the south end of the project near I-5. This work, which we are doing in conjunction with SDOT, mostly will take place during the day.

The contractor plans to begin paving in July and is not required to work in a linear fashion from one end to the other. They could choose to do sections that are most in need first, for example. Paving will take place at night to lessen its effects on businesses and people who travel on SR 522/Lake City Way. As we get closer to July, they will let us know where they plan to work. As we learn about their schedule, we will post it on the project website and in our email listservs we send to people who subscribe.

Back to the big picture, this project requires extensive paving, so it will have a winter shutdown and restart in spring 2021, with plans to finish next summer.”