Old Value Village Site Development

Comment Period Open for Development in the Heart of Lake City (open until June 24th)

Address: 12548 Lake City Way NE (previously the Value Village site) – Project number 3036045 – Land Use Application to allow 2, 6-story apartment buildings (257 units
total) with office and retail. Parking for 68 vehicles proposed. Existing
building to be demolished

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Your written comments are encouraged and should be submitted to:
Department of Construction & Inspections
ATTN: Public Resource Center
P.O. Box 34019
Seattle, WA 98124-4019

We offer some elements for your consideration below. We would like to encourage you to think about how this long block going from 125th to 130th poses a pedestrian barrier between substantial residential housing on 33rd Ave and the LC business core.

  • We encourage you to consider how the existing Value Village ramp has provided a route that could be re-imagined in the new development rather than eliminated.
  • It appears that the development currently includes a narrow passageway to the north of the building with little opportunity to add to the pedestrian experience and lacks the opportunity for design interest and character
    • We encourage you to consider advocating to maintain the mid block connection to the south of the development and urging conversation with adjacent property owners to maintain this as a public amenity

Please also consider also consider facade improvements on 33rd Ave NE that would enhance the neighborhood street front experience and avoid a “back door” appearance.

  • Does the current design add to the neighborhood or simply create an uninviting “blank wall effect” for 33rd Ave?

This is a critical location and a highly impactful development with great opportunity for the neighborhood. Please consider weighing in on the project and do reach out if you have questions on how to respond.

Email – Chris.Leverson@CHS-WA.org