Help Keep the 130th Station Moving Forward

How to Keep the Conversation Going

130th & 145th Street Station Area Planning- a land use and mobility plan for the area surrounding the future 130th and 145th light rail stations. Due to financial impacts, Sound Transit will be making adjustments to its Capital Program- potentially delaying or eliminating certain projects. We want Sound Transit to know that this land use and mobility plan is progressing to ensure the 130th Street Station Area will be “transit ready.”

You can help move this forward by taking the short survey.

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Outreach to unrepresented populations is critical – Please help spread the word.

“Thank you again for all your enthusiasm and participation in 2019 on the future of the 130th St and 145th St Station Area Planning. We have made great progress! We planned to host a Community Open House this spring, but with the Covid-19 Pandemic, that kind of in-person engagement is no longer possible.
How would you like to keep the conversation going? By continuing our planning work with you, we can be ready for whatever decisions the City or Sound Transit makes in the coming months about the schedule for new light rail or bus rapid transit service, future land use changes or mobility projects.

Please take this short survey to help us design a series of Online Community Conversations:”

For more information on 130th and 145th Station Area Planning:
Contact Patrice Carroll at .