Art in the Lake City Mini-Park

Water an art tapestry by Melissa Koch on display at the Lake City Mini-Park

IMAG2802The summer of art in Lake City Washington!

On Thursday, June 23 at noon artist Melissa Koch unveiled her carved tapestry called “Water”. “Water” is a new temporary public art installation on the interior side of the bank arch in the Lake City Mini-Park located at 12359 Lake City Way NE in Seattle, Washington. It will be on display throughout the summer.

The installation is seven panels that reflect the theme of the sacredness of water. It is a tribute to the land we call Lake City with it’s interweaving of 12 acres of tributaries and riparian corridors of Thornton Creek. It also celebrates the Duwamish Indians who lived on these lands.

Neighbors and civic leaders celebrated the inauguration of the piece with the artist and members of the Haida and Tlingit tribes drumming and singing.

A second installation of Melissa art is in the empty storefront window at 12528 Lake City Way. And is lit so it can be seen in the evenings.

Funding for the public art project was provided by “Put Art In Parks,” a Seattle Park District initiative in conjunction with the City Of Seattle Office Of Arts and Culture.

Melissa’s art focuses on the natural environment to create a dialogue about the impact human habitation has on the Earth.To view more of Melissa’s work:

Stayed tune for more art pieces in the Mini-Park and a summer of concerts.