Local Business Fundraiser 10/10

Please Consider Helping Neva’s Barber Shop

Friends – Join us at Korochka Tavern (12348 LCW NE) to raise a glass and raise some funds to help replace a damaged window at Lake City’s own Neva Barber Shop.

Neva Fund Raiser – Thursday, October 10th – 4pm to 9pm – Korochka

For the last fifteen years, Mahmoud Alrikabi has been doing business at his barbershop here in Lake City. Neva’s barbershop, named after Mahmoud’s friend Tom Neva whom he followed here to Lake City in 2005, is a treasured small business in the heart of our business district.
Cesar Garcia of the Lake City Collective sat down on one of Mahmoud’s vintage couches and chatted with him while he set to work cutting a customer’s hair to hear about his recent and first experience with serious property crime.
Mahmoud and Neva’s were the victim of a senseless and expensive act of vandalism last week when someone broke one of his large storefront windows. With no support from the property owner and a cost that falls under his insurance deductible, Mahmoud is stuck with a $600 out of pocket cost to replace his window. While the extra expense would be unwelcomed at any time, Mahmoud said that it is particularly bad as he enters the slow season.
As Mahmoud finished with the customer, the young man wanted to pay with credit card. Neva’s maintains a “cash only” policy and Mahmoud let the customer know that he could pay him tomorrow. “It’s all about trust”, Mahmoud told Cesar.
Mahmoud loves working in Lake City and has been an active participant in the annual Trick or Treat walk and recently participated in the “Lake City Business Celebration” with the LC Collective and BLCT.
The Lake City Collective and Chris Leverson of Build Lake City Together are working with Korochka Tavern to hold a small fund raiser to help with Mohamad’s cost for replacing the window. Korochka shares the block with Neva’s and Lisa, one of the owners, was immediately receptive to coming to the support of a neighbor.
We invite you to support Mahmoud and Neva’s. Our local shops should not suffer the consequences for criminal behavior that has no regard for how hard it is for Lake City’s small business to make ends meet.

A huge thank you to Korochka and especially you for your support!
Where: Korochka Tavern: 12348 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125
When: Thursday, October 10th from 4pm to 9pm