Budget Wins for D5

From the Offices of Debora Juarez

“In the nearly two months since Mayor Durkan delivered her proposed budget to the city council on September 24th, 2018, I have worked every day fighting for funding for crucial projects in District 5. As part of my commitment to bring City Hall to you, I worked with the D5 Community Network to put on an in-depth Budget Forum with the head of the City Budget Office, Ben Noble, and the Director of the City Council’s Central Staff, Kirstan Arestad. I met with countless constituents and community organizations and my office read thousands of your emails in order to hear your needs and ensure that the City Council not only listened, but responded.

The following budget items are ones that I championed and worked with other council members to include in the final budget that was passed on November 19th, 2018:

Building District 5
$8 million for replacing the Lake City Community Center, bringing the total amount of dedicated funding for a brand new building to $16 million.

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Your Voice Your Choice Results


The votes are in for Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Streets

More than 7200 voted; 51 community projects selected

DISTRICT 5 Projects Selected:

  • Lake City: Walkway Improvements on 33rd Ave NE, between 125th and NE 130th (Cost: $30,000, Total Votes: 392)*
  • Lake City: Crossing Improvements on 33rd Ave NE between NE 125 Street and NE 130 Street (Cost: $70,000, Total Votes: 354)*
  • Lake City: Walkway Improvements on 26th Ave NE from NE 125th St to Virgil Flaim Park (Cost: $90,000, Total Votes: 314)
  • Little Brook: Intersection Improvements on 32nd Ave NE at NE 137th and NE 140th Streets (Cost: $3,000, Total Votes: 242)*
  • Haller Lake: Crossing Improvements at 1st Ave NE and NE 117th St (Cost: $90,000, Total Vote: 201)
  • Meadowbrook: Traffic Calming and Crossing Improvements at NE 105th St and NE 104th Pl (Cost: $27,500, Total Votes: 196)
  • Broadview: Intersection Improvements at 1st Ave NW and N/NW 137th St (Cost: $2,750, Total Votes: 182)
  • Little Brook: Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements at NE 145th and 30th Ave NE (Cost: $90,000, Total Votes: 174)*

SEATTLE, WA (August 15, 2018) – The results are in! More than 7200 community members voted for their favorite park and street projects and 51 projects have been selected. It’s all part of the City’s Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets, a participatory budgeting program in which community members democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget.

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D5 Panel Discussion

Join the D5 Community Network
for a panel discussion with Citywide Council Members Lorena González and Teresa Mosqueda and Deputy Mayor Michael Fong

When: Thursday, May 31, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Haller Lake Community Club, 12579 Densmore Ave. N.

Questions are being submitted by the District 5 community (see below) and will be accepted the night of the event. Metro Transit routes 345 and 346 serve the area; an E Line bus stop is three blocks away; there is also limited parking at the club and on nearby streets
What: Panel discussion of questions pertaining to City Council District 5 submitted to contact@d5cn.org or by attendees at the event

Mandatory Housing Information

Upcoming Events: Learn more about MHA

and other City services that promote equity

Specific to District 5

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and other City departments are coming to your District to share programs, get feedback, and provide opportunities to see updated maps for Mandatory Housing Affordability. We’d love to talk with you.

District 5 + 6 Open House: February 28, 6-8pm  at Whitman Middle School Gym

Public Hearings and Council Meetings

Districts 5 + 6: March 12 at Northgate Community Center

Citywide: June 25 at Seattle City Hall

Dates and times are subject to change. Click here to go to City Council’s home page.

The Votes Are In

The votes are in for Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Streets
Nearly 8000 participated; 33 community projects selected

Here is what came out of our District 5 –

  • Lake City: Crossing Improvements on 35th Ave NE & NE 130th St (Cost: $75,000, Total Votes: 686)
  • Meadowbrook: Traffic Calming along Ravenna Ave NE near NE 98th St (Cost: $88,200, Total Votes: 633)
  • Pinehurst: Crossing Improvements near Hazel Wolf School (Cost: $90,000, Total Votes: 630)
  • Broadview: Walkway Improvements near Broadview-Thomson K-8 (Cost: $90,000, Total Votes: 584)

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