Advocating for Pedestrian Safety in D5

Information and Taking Action to Inform Current Budget

We share the following message from District 5 Council Member Debora Juarez for you consideration and hope that you will lend your voice to improving pedestrian safety across our district.

“Dear D5 leaders,

Immediate action and attention are required when 60% of the Seattle pedestrian traffic deaths in 2019 occurred in one City Council District – an area where only 1/7th of the City’s population resides. In the first 10 months of 2019, ten (10) pedestrians were struck and killed by vehicles in Seattle. Six (6) of those deaths occurred in District 5. The most recent death happened this past Monday night on Aurora. I am working closely with Seattle Police and the Seattle Department of Transportation as they investigate and determine next steps.
Every pedestrian death is preventable and unacceptable. While we have many good programs at the City of Seattle to improve pedestrian safety- such as Vision Zero, Safe Routes to Schools, and the Levy to Move Seattle- we can and must do more.
The City Council is in the midst of revising the 2020 budget. My top priorities include increasing pedestrian safety infrastructure and protecting money currently allocated to these projects in D5. As such, I submitted several amendments to the City of Seattle’s budget to specifically improve pedestrian safety in District 5:

1. Extending the “Home Zones” Pilot Program
This would provide funding to extend the pilot program and fund the construction of priority Home Zones, as previously identified by SDOT. Of the 20 potential locations, 11 are in District 5. Home Zones slow down traffic by building low-cost calming devices on residential streets that are surrounded by arterials. This program is innovative, cost-effective, and must continue.

2. A Statement of Legislative Intent, requesting that SDOT provide a report and presentation to the City Council by June 30th, 2020, detailing specific actions and progress on improving pedestrian safety in District 5, including:

Best practices for improving pedestrian safety and how they are being implemented in D5
Sidewalks missing from 36 blocks of Aurora Ave, between 85th and 145th
Sidewalks missing from Greenwood Ave N, at 133rd-134th and 115th-117th
Northgate/I-5 Pedestrian Bike Bridge
Reducing speed and improving design on Lake City Way, between 125th & 130th
Pedestrian Crossings near Northaven Senior Living
Sacajawea Elementary School
Safety Improvements along NE 125th Street (incl. the new pedestrian signal at 28th Ave NE)
All Vision Zero projects in District 5
Broadview-Thomson K-8
Data on how recent pedestrian infrastructure improvements are reducing injuries/deaths
Identifying and prioritizing unfunded items in pedestrian safety projects in District 5, and the cost estimate to complete

3. Dedicated funding for new infrastructure near Broadview-Thomson K-8
This would provide the funding for a new walkway along 132nd, one of nine specific recommendations that came out of the Safe Routes to Schools Walk Audit.

Every day, I try to listen to my constituents and fight for their needs. The amendments I submitted came directly from requests made by the community and conversations I had with leaders like you. Thank you for your help to make D5 a safe place for pedestrians.

I hope you will join me in supporting these amendments. You can also lend your voice to ask other Councilmembers to support my amendments by emailing the entire City Council at”

If you have any questions or concerns you can email Juarez or call her offices at 206-684-8805.