Director’s Review of 2016

2017 Here We Come!


Lake City Future First is proud of our accomplishments and the leaps forward in 2016. It has been an honor and a privilege to be in the position of Director for just over a year now. We believe we have seen great benefit in having increased our capacity.

Earlier this year we listened as Mayor Murray identified Lake City as the pilot neighborhood to work with the newly organized Office of Community Planning and Development. While Lake City continues to work with the City to develop and understand this new model, we know that the City has recognized our community as one that needs support. Lake City is poised for a great deal of growth and now is the time to get involved. A group from Lake City standing with the mayor.

Following is a short list of projects that we are particularly proud of for 2016:

  • With neighborhood partners the Children’s Home Society of Washington and the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance we applied for and received a $100K planning grant. The effort has been branded “Imagine Lake City Together”.

  • 3rd Year of “World Of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City” passport program (14 participating businesses and 500 passports in circulation)
  • Six very successful Concerts in the Lake City Mini Park with the hope to expand and repeat in summer of 2017

    Halau Hula O Napuolani in the Lake City Mini Park
    Halau Hula O Napuolani in the Lake City Mini Park
  • Our Clean and Safe Co-Chairs led weekly Clean Up efforts with a large community launch in April. Sixty-five residents and business owners dawned our bright green “Something is happening in Lake City” t-shirts and took to the streets.
  • We painted 5 small business store fronts on the east side of LCW just south of 125th at no cost to the business owners
  • We held 5 Community Conversations on topics ranging from education in our public schools to planning and development, crime and safety to volunteer opportunities. 2017 will see a more robust schedule of Community Conversations.
  • We designed and launched our new website
  • We were very fortunate to work with the Lake City Youth Leadership program to facilitate a mural on the north wall of Elliott Bay Brewery, conduct clean-up efforts in the community and support them to visit local businesses and write about their experiences after providing them two sessions with Seattle Globalist on reporting for social media.
  • We launched a pilot program for Art activation of empty store fronts with one temporary art installation and one evening art event attended by over 100 locals and work shown by 7 artists that either live or work in Lake City.
  • We had a permanent booth and conducted outreach throughout the Lake City Farmer’s Market season hosting City staff and other community organizations.
  • Further efforts to activate the Lake City Mini Park were demonstrated through partnerships to have “Bike Everywhere Day” and the “Lake City Trick or Treat Walk” held there.
  • We partnered with the North Seattle Chamber to run the children and nonprofit area of Salmonfest.
  • We partnered with North Helpline and local businesses on the first annual Lake City Pub Crawl with over 60 participants raising money for the food bank.
  • We worked with the Children’s Home Society, City Departments, Hunger Intervention, LC Library and others to put on the first “World Dance Party” in Northeast Seattle.
  • We are honored to be part of the “Imagine Lake City Together” process. LCFF has taken the lead on the Resident and Commercial Parcel Analysis, is conducting business focus groups, working on the larger multi-unit housing for the Resident Satisfaction Survey and supporting the project on all levels as a senior partner on the grant.

While those are highlights, we had so many wonderful opportunities and were fortunate to take part in so many great efforts. We look forward to expanding on the groundwork we have laid. Expect more support for our local businesses, more arts programming, improvements to the website, more support for our youth, more and varied community conversations, progress on the Fred Meyer Garden Project and more opportunities to get involved on a variety of levels.

Thank you Lake City!

Chris Leverson, Director of Lake City Future First