Old Value Village Site Updated Plans

Below is Information from Keith James with the Inland Group

Here is an update that demonstrates the design and how the two pedestrian pathways that Lake Cityzen’s advocated for to be retained as critical connections from 33rd Ave to Lake City Way were incorporated.

20-1026 Polaris at Lake City – South Stairs reduced Renderings

Polaris at Lake City – South Stair Site Plan

“The first PDF shows two images.  The first image is from Lake City Way looking east to the new pedestrian route (replaces the existing non-ADA ramp that has been in use).  There is a new walk along the Double J Saloon, separated from the new development’s courtyard and egress path, that leads to a new stair on the back side of the Saloon building.  The second image shows the stairs from the parking lot, superimposed over a photo so you have a good idea of how it works with the existing building (landing is about 12’ back from the back of the building, as requested by that property owner).  This will be the most obvious “replacement” of the existing pedestrian path, will be well lit and safe to travel.  We will grant the property owner to the south a new easement to allow this pedestrian traffic.

The next PDF is of the Site Plan which shows the south stairs/pedestrian connection (described above) in more detail.  You can zoom in on the PDF for dimension of the path (at least 5’ wide) and see that due to how it “opens up” on the Lake City side on the west, it will be a pleasant pedestrian way to use.

Finally, and the easiest to follow along, here is a video clip from the architect’s model that shows the connection referenced above (the south connection) as well as the north connection, which is fully ADA accessible.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eVsjIOI4MQMWUd0rPV7R1x46NAUK_ZMC/view?usp=sharing   As the architect narrates, the “fly-over” of the building and pedestrian pathways gives you an idea of what is planned, though note the model is no where near complete relative to building finishes, site lighting, or other important details.  I haven’t wanted to share an incomplete model, but also wanted the updated information in your hands and thought this is certainly better than nothing – so long as you understand the design details are yet to come.

Keith James  –  Inland Group”