Community Conversation on April 29th – 2015


Please join Lake City Future First and Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development on April 29th from 6:30 – 8 PM at the Lake City Community Center. There you will have the opportunity to learn about the Lake City Urban Design Framework Draft that DPD has spearheaded and also take the opportunity to celebrate Lake City Future First’s Strategic Plan. Please keep an eye out for additional information in the coming days.

Partnering with the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance and it’s member groups as well as local businesses, this will be a great opportunity to mingle with neighbors and find out ways that you can get connected to some of the fantastic work that is happening in our community.


Lake City is the very definition of a diverse community. This diversity, both cultural and economic, provides Lake City with the unique opportunity to celebrate and expand on all that makes our community special. Through funding from the Only in Seattle grant initiative a diverse group of stakeholders came together to draft a strategic plan to guide our work to ensure Lake City is a thriving and healthy neighborhood to live, work and recreate. These are exciting times for our neighborhood as we continue to grow and diversify. We believe we have created a plan that will also grow and remain fluid as we navigate these changes. Lake City’s success will be of a result of strong communication and our ability to connect with all our neighbors. Together we can achieve anything from clean and safe streets to an inviting and thriving business core. We can work together to help guide development and to speak with a unified voice to reach our potential as one of Seattle’s truly unique neighborhoods. Lake City Future First is committed to broad and inclusive engagement to ensure that the path ahead is paved for the benefit of the entire Lake City community.


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