2015 Only in Seattle Grant

In Late 2014 Lake City Future First submitted our grant proposal for the 2nd year of funding from the Only in Seattle Grant Initiative. Along with twenty-one other neighborhoods in Seattle, we are waiting for a formal response from the city as to what aspects of our proposal may be funded. We anticipate an announcement from the Mayor’s office before the end of February.

Some of the highlights of our proposal included the following:

*Funding for exploration of a Business Improvement Area

*Support from the Dept. Of Neighborhoods from their Public Outreach Engagement Liaison program to help engage, inform and empower our under-represented populations

*Funding for staff to connect our business community and the broader community in more consistent and effective efforts

*Support from the Office of Arts and Culture to continue and strengthen the Lake City Arts Council

Goals we are looking at for 2015 will include:

*Support of our diverse and unique businesses

*Formalization of community clean-up crews

*Completion of the Fred Meyer Garden project

*Help vetting and guiding the Urban Design Framework process

*Work with the North Family Center on outreach

*The formation of a residential business network

*Retail attraction strategies

*The second round of our “World of Tastes in Lake City” passport program

*Help connecting Lake City Neighborhood Alliance and the broader community to our business community

This and more fall within the scope of our hopes for the coming year. There is much to be done and exciting times are ahead for Lake City.  Stay tuned for the grant announcement and ways that you can get involved.

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