Extending the Survey Timeline

The Survey will be extended until February 26th to garner additional feedback.

  Site 1Option A Plan

Where are we now? The results of the 2015 community input process for the green space owned by the Fred Meyer Corporation on 130th and Lake City Way have been compiled, and the key design concepts identified. Integrated Site Design (ISD), a local design firm, was hired by LCFF to create design recommendations for the site based on the survey feedback. ISD has provided two wonderful visions that truly demonstrate the potential of the space.

Why is this space important? Statistics say we have about 40,000 commuters passing through our community each day. The Fred Meyer park parcel is a highly visible location in our community and is a key gateway to our business district. As such, the site has significant potential to change the perception of our area. Improvements to the site would encourage people to get out of their cars and activate our streets, benefiting Lake City’s local businesses. The project would also encourage social engagement, volunteerism, and support of local artists, and would help to build a sense of pride and identity across our diverse community.

What is needed? There is still much work to be done and some bridges to cross as we look toward the potential of this site. Committee members will continue to work with Fred Meyer to arrive at an agreement for the scope of the project, and if we are able to move forward, the project will require further funding for implementation and final design.

What is next? The two visions created by ISD will be used to further the conversation with Fred Meyer, and to gather input from the community with the ultimate goal of making some version of the park a reality. This project needs your support and energy! We hope that you will lend your voice to the process and help us to identify which design elements, from one plan or a mix of both, you would like to see in the new Fred Meyer park.

Review the documents!




Be sure to vote for you favorite elements before February 26, 2016.


Thanks to all of you who made it out to our first Community Conversation of 2016 on January 27th. Photos by Elise Bakketun

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