Q&A with Marie Spencer, Owner of Pony Express

Pony Express Lake City

Q&A with Marie Spencer, owner of Pony Express All in a Day’s Work – Change, Challenges and Giant Bunnies Enjoy Lake City (ELC) recently visited Marie Spencer at Pony Express, a Lake City Shipping and Packaging store. Marie and her husband Rod have owned the store for over 22 years. Marie shared her thoughts on the […]

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Q&A with Alberto Morales, Owner of Jose’s Taqueria

Q&A with Alberto Morales, Owner of Jose’s Taqueria: The Art of Cooking and the Search for Inca Gold Enjoy Lake City visited Jose’s Taqueria, for some great carne asada tacos, chorizo burritos and a chat with owner Alberto Morales. Joining us was our friend, the Mystery Diner. Enjoy Lake City (ELC): Why did you name […]

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