Proposed Lake City Development on 30th

Comment Period Extended for 12727 30th Ave. NE

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Area: Northeast Address: 12727 30th Ave NE
Project: 3028624-LU Zone: NC3-65
Applicant Contact: Colleen O’ Connor – (206) 706-3937
SDCI Planner: David Landry – (206) 684-5318
Land Use Application to allow a 7-story, 252-unit apartment building with restaurant. Parking for 19 vehicles
proposed. Existing buildings to be demolished.
SDCI will accept written comments to assist in the preparation of the early design guidance through May 26,
2020. You are invited to offer comments regarding important site planning and design issues you believe
should be addressed in the design of this project. Please note that the proposed design will likely evolve
through the review process. These changes will be reflected in the Design Proposal documents included with
other project documents found at Seattle Services Portal (
or Permits Search.
Submit all comments and requests to be made party of record to or City of Seattle – SDCI –
PRC, 700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000, PO Box 34019, Seattle, WA 98124-4019.