Your Voice Your Choice Meeting

From Lake City Greenways “Here we are again with an opportunity to bring your brilliant ideas and/or long-festering peeves for street and park improvements in City Council District 5, particularly here in Lake City. Your Voice Your Choice has been a very successful program for Lake City neighbors to get on-the-ground projects that make walking, […]

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Seattle Parks District Planning

Meeting – March 5th & Online Survey Option Parks Meeting March 5th Flyer “In 2014, Seattle voters approved the Seattle Parks District that provides Seattle Parks and Recreation with funds to more rigorously invest in maintenance, recreation affordability, park development, and community events and programs. We have been investing these dollars back into parks and […]

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Safe Routes to Schools

From Seattle Neighborhood Greenways “At Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, we believe that every child deserves to be able to walk or bike to school safely and comfortably. This year, we are working to change Seattle School District policies and programs so that helping students walk and bike to school goes from an afterthought to a priority. […]

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Proposed Changes to Metro and Sound Transit Service

Message from Metro “Dear Community Leaders and Partners, We’re excited to announce the next phase of the North Link Connections Mobility Project! We thank you for your continued interest, great feedback and input into the plan, and for the great work your organizations are doing to support and improve transit in King County. As part […]

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Advocating for 2024 130th Station Opening

The first vote on 130th is expected to be 2/13/20 and we are still working to get the needed support for a 2024 opening “We’re in a critical moment for 130th Street Station. The Sound Transit System Expansion Committee is expected to vote on the year in which the station opens (2024 to 2031) by […]

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