LCFF and Value Village Partner On Mural Project

Challenging Area to Get a Paint Job from Artist Andrew Miller

LCFF has had the great privilege of supporting the mural work being completed around Lake City by Mark Mendez’s, Lake City Leaders program. The person who has guided the youth and brought their visions to the walls of Toyoda Sushi, Elliott Bay Brewery and the North Helpline Food Bank is local artist Andrew Miller. Andrew has committed a great deal of his time and talents to this effort demonstrating a belief in the power of community projects and commitment to the visions of our future leaders.

Working with the Value Village in Lake City, LCFF has created the opportunity to get Andrews work up on “those brown walls” that line the parking lot of the Value Village store and the large parking area to the south. The Value Village management has been fantastic to work with and relayed to us that this was a project they had in their minds for quite some time. Store manager, Allison Hughes, was immediately receptive to the proposal and was the one who made the conceptual suggestion (dinosaurs) which Andrew quickly ran with. 

If you would like to volunteer to help fill in the mural we are having a painting party on Saturday, August 12th from 10am-4pm. Volunteers will have the opportunity to paint and fill in the design with brilliant colors, while contributing to the creative process!


*The mural design will be outlined on the walls prior to August 12th, and paint colors will be assigned to different areas on the mural.

*Enjoy some light entertainment and various refreshments for as long or as short a time as you would like.

*Brushes and paint will be on hand, so please wear your painting clothes…the paint is permanent!

*Whether you are an experienced painter or a first timer, your help will be greatly appreciated.

*We ask that kids under the age of twelve be accompanied by an adult.

*Come out to offer support to your community and enjoy the beautiful day!

Andrew’s Work can also be seen in the interior of the new Brother Barrel here in Lake City-