Great Event to Talk About the 125th Street Park Space

Thanks to All Who Participated

Fifteen Lake City Neighbors came out on a beautiful sunny Saturday to give their time and energy to ideas around the concrete plaza known as the Lake City Mini Park. We received wonderful support from participants attending  the national Congress for New Urbanism conference. I met about 20 of the CNU folks downtown and we loaded a bus to come up to Lake City and meet our Lake City group at the Mennonite Church for a lively discussion about the possibilities for the space. We look forward to sharing some of the ideas that came out of the event at upcoming events including our concert series starting on June 7th and our Farmers Market booth this summer.

It was really wonderful to get outside perspective from the CNU participants and their ideas and enthusiasm were matched by our own dedicated community members. We did not solve the issues that the plaza has but I believe it helped reinforce the concept that this is an important space and that it has the potential to be an asset.

Enjoy Lake City!