The Future of LC’s Summer Celebration

Did You Miss the Community Conversation on a Lake City Festival?

We would still love to hear your ideas.

Thank you for everyone who attended our Community Conversation on September 27th about the future of a Lake City summer festival.  We heard lots of great ideas and now we would like to hear YOUR IDEAS: Short Survey

The online survey will be open until November 8, 2017.

If you are interested in volunteering for a summer festival in Lake City please send us an email at

Following is a list of ideas generated by those that attended the Community Conversation by category:

Kids Area –

  • Double Dutch Demo/Contest
  • Hula Hoop Demo/Contest
  • Egg in a spoon races
  • Crawling baby contest
  • Inflatable Jumpy House
  • Kids Talent Show
  • Dancing/Movement for Kids
  • Art Activities
  • Draw the best/cutest emoji contest
  • Face Painting/Henna
  • Kids Mural Painting
  • 3-D Printing
  • Games (Carnival Type)
  • Area for kids to play drums
  • Hands on various musical instruments
  • Petting Zoo
  • Derby Competition
  • Robotics Demo
  • Firefighters with water activity
  • Frog or other animal races

Food/Salmon/Beer –

  • Beer and music in Albert Davis Park
  • Salmon Bake Friday and Saturday only – “Don’t Change the Name”
  • Food Trucks
  • Food Trucks and no “Fair” type food
  • Stay with Salmon Bake on Friday and Saturday (x3)
  • Food Trucks with sampler plates making cost of food $3.00 or less – “will allow lower income involvement”
  • Samplers from nearby restaurants (get stamp card for participation/have drawing)
  • Passport and map with stars on the map indicating where food has come from
  • Making ice cream and eating it
  • Have salmon bake and a potluck – “ethnic for all to share and talk about/educate on food”
  • Better signage and advertising for salmon bake (outside)
  • Street dance for all ages
  • Beer Sampling from random breweries in Seattle
  • More ethnic food booths – “Bite of Lake City” (x2)
  • Live music stage with shade for people while they eat
  • “Let us invite Native American folks to prepare and teach how salmon is cooked in their tradition
  • Different flavors of ice cream
  • Mexican shaved ice (X2)
  • Beer and heavy metal
  • Have tables where folks can sit and eat while they watch the parade
  • Cereal dipped in liquid nitrogen

Active Arts and Entertainment –

  • Chalk art contest (“ala Bellingham”)
  • College Scholarship Sign Up
  • “not a good market to sell art – stick with hands on activities”
  • Mandala Making
  • Music – different genres then one big show in the evening
  • Hands on crafts for all ages
  • Live music and dancing
  • Folk/Square dancing
  • Scheduled art demos all day long – “How to” (mosaic/fabric marbling/weaving/3D/etc)
  • Indian Bollywood Dance
  • Free group games (egg toss/3 legged races/etc.)
  • Art contest from local residents by category (age/mixed media/photography/etc.)
  • Photo booth with props
  • Kids folk dancing program – Folk Dancing for all ages
  • Giant puppet show
  • Dance (x2)
  • Origami (Paper Folding) “low barrier of entry and low cost”
  • Eating Contest (pie + hotdog)
  • Big Mural (participatory)
  • Indy movies by local folks if possible
  • Watermelon eating contest
  • “instead of bringing small local artists, bring someone famous like the Reptile Man”
  • Yoga Session

 General Feedback –

  • Pioneer Days (stay with name x3)
  • Beer Garden
  • Live Music Performances
  • Evening street dance
  • “Non-cartoon salmon logo – we should respect our salmon”
  • “Please feature live music stage in addition to kids area – place to listen while eating
  • Jazz and accordion music
  • Name Suggestion: Lake City Community Unity Festival (x3)
  • Encourage ethnic diversity in food, performance and crafts
  • Music Stage (x2)
  • Laser show at night
  • “Seafair’s only Lake City Summer Arts Festivities and walking party”
  • New name
  • “Drop Pioneer Days”
  • Pie making contest (x2)
  • Name Suggestion: Lake City Festival (x2)
  • Dog Costume Show (x2)
  • Get donations (jerseys, tickets, etc.) for a raffle (x3)
  • YMCA, Boy’s and Girl’s Scouts Involved (x3)
  • Lantern making (x4)
  • Saturday Night Street Dance
  • Movie in the park (x3)

 Car Show –

  • Invite Seattle Electrical Vehicle Assoc.
  • Invite the business that has a race track model on LCW at NE 100th St so kids can try the remote control in the car show section
  • Car Demos – how to change a tire/oil/check water – car trivia contest and prizes
  • “military trucks – restoner exib – young tuners”

Parade –

  • Put the library in the parade
  • “Keep the Vigilantes active – they support the community in many ways!”
  • “Yes Vigilantes – No Pirates” (x2)
  • “Get Different Political Groups plus LGBTQ/Dems/Republicans – also police and fire dept. sheriff etc.”
  • Call the parade SalmonFest Parade or Salmon Run Parade
  • “During the parade have the announcer provide short bullet points on history of Lake City – the current and future Lake City”
  • Bicycle parade – decorate your bike and ride it – sponsored by bike shops and organizations
  • More people throwing candy (x2)
  • Floats – more marching bands (x2)
  • Car and Bike Show with MC
  • Extend and improve kids and pet parade (x2)
  • Native Americans should be at the front of the parade (x2)
  • Mexican Dancing Horses
  • Encourage amateur floats by local ethnic groups
  • No More Vigilantes or Pirates (x2)
  • “I love the pirates (but they should sell beer)”
  • Big anchors like Seattle Seahawks, Sounders (that already participate in other summer parades)
  • Pass out SWAG (stuff we all get) during the parade – even if it is just candies or stickers)
  • Get nice floats – keep the old style (x2)
  • Make sure different communities in Lake City are/feel represented in the parade (East African, Asia, India, Latinos, etc.)

Teen Activities –

  • “MEME Film Festival”
  • MEME Competition
  • Student Film Festival
  • Teen Battle of the Bands
  • Dub Step Contest
  • Karaoke
  • Community Time Capsule