Clean and Safe Report

Sunday, January 22nd  

“After a 2 month winter hiatus, a few of the dedicated LCFF clean up crew spent an hour picking up garbage Sunday afternoon.
A few needles, lots of recycling, discarded clothing and food packaging were the majority of the items. And we reported to the city once again the pothole at the SW corner of 30th NE and NE 127th”, reported Annie Stocker, our Clean and Safe Committee lead.

We are working on strategies to ensure that more volunteers will come out and lend a hand on these clean up efforts. Lake City surely could use some extra cleaning right now. We will plan to ramp up the effort again in spring and will look for a larger community effort as part of the City’s “Spring Clean” initiative. If you have an area of Lake City that you would like to see targeted for a community clean up please send your thoughts and ideas to director@lakecityfuturefirst. We make the process very easy by providing all that you need and it is only an hour of time. It makes a huge difference, it makes connections and it feels good to do something tangible.

More on Annie’s report:Some may be aware of activities on the lot and house on the SW corner of 28th NE and NE 127th.

People had been illegally occupying the house and had set up milk crate plastic covered shelters on the property to the west of the house. They were moved out over several days and the City then required the owner of the land strip (Brookview Apartments) to build a fence to prevent further trespassing. There seems to be no current plans to sell or renovate the house at this time.
Discussion is underway at the city about how to improve the safety of the intersection at 28th NE and NE 127th.
Construction is due to start on 70 unit workforce housing with pre-school for 60 children on the main floor at the Old Fire Station site soon. The City has promised attention to safety issues regarding walkability of the immediate area will be addressed in conjunction with this new building.
Thank you to Chris, a regular volunteer on Sundays and at Sound Generations Monday/Wednesday senior programming at LC community center and to Ray who leads the LCFF Planning and Design Committee for helping out.