Last Regular Sunday Clean Up for 2018

Thank You to the Volunteers Who Came  for Our 9/17 Clean Up

Big thanks to the three Hazel Wolf Students who came out to help as well as “Clean-Up regulars”  Nancy Blase, Molly Burke and Muriel Lawty.

A very special thanks to annie stocker (Two dog yoga) and Annette Heide-Jessen (Kaffeeklatsch) for leading these efforts throughout the year.

Mark your calendars for our “Fall Clean” event on October 15th. Details soon!

We Know You Have Been Meaning To…

Sunday Clean Up in Little Brook

Fifteen neighbors showed up from Lake City to lend a hand in providing a little TLC to the Little Brook neighborhood this last Sunday – August 20th. It was a fantastic showing, connections were made and nine bags of trash were collected. Thank you so much to all who participated.

Please join us on September 17th for the next Sunday Clean Up                                                                    Check back a week ahead of time for location.

Save the Date

Spring Clean is Returning to Lake City

The 2nd Annual LCFF Spring Clean Event will be taking place on April 22nd (Earth Day)

Our Clean and Safe Co-Chairs – Annie with Two Dog Yoga and Annette with the Kaffeeklatsch are hard at work on ironing out the details so please stay tuned.

A BIG Thank you to:

The 2 Nancys :), Marlana, Chris, Francisco, Norma and Annie for their work on March 12th.

“The Value Village parking lot was our starting point this time and garbage pick up people pairs  went to the east, west and south.

Take a look, some of the usual dumpy spots are spiffier with just one hour of a few people picking up. Yahoo! for community efforts!” – Annie


Clean and Safe Report

Sunday, January 22nd  

“After a 2 month winter hiatus, a few of the dedicated LCFF clean up crew spent an hour picking up garbage Sunday afternoon.
A few needles, lots of recycling, discarded clothing and food packaging were the majority of the items. And we reported to the city once again the pothole at the SW corner of 30th NE and NE 127th”, reported Annie Stocker, our Clean and Safe Committee lead.

We are working on strategies to ensure that more volunteers will come out and lend a hand on these clean up efforts. Lake City surely could use some extra cleaning right now. We will plan to ramp up the effort again in spring and will look for a larger community effort as part of the City’s “Spring Clean” initiative. If you have an area of Lake City that you would like to see targeted for a community clean up please send your thoughts and ideas to director@lakecityfuturefirst. We make the process very easy by providing all that you need and it is only an hour of time. It makes a huge difference, it makes connections and it feels good to do something tangible.

More on Annie’s report: Continue reading “Clean and Safe Report”