Youth Leaders Visit Manila Manila

Part 2 of LC Youth with Local Businesses



As part two of our five part series on last summers “Lake City Youth Leadership Program Visiting Local Businesses” We are featuring this story by Olivia Fox and the group’s visit to Manila Manila –  Manila Manila Facebook

“Would you like affordable and great tasting Filipino food within Lake City? Then Manila Manila would be your first choice! The owner, Mariela Fletcher, often works alone with some help from her husband to create Filipino dishes with a wide variety, from a traditional Filipino version of an egg roll named Lumpia, to Dinuguan a dish also known as “Chocolate Meat”. Manila Manila also doubles as a store selling products that can help you create your own dishes with products found only in the Philippines. Every dish that she makes is homemade.

Mariela is the owner or Manila Manila and has been in the restaurant business for about seven years from 2009 to 2016.  Before owning the restaurant, Mariela used to be a real estate agent before the market crashed in 2009.  After the crash she then took up the offer of the restaurant and store from a friend and has been working hard ever since to keep up with the high demands of great products that need to be cooked. “The stocking is easy, I just order it and put prices on the packaging”, says Mariela about the work she does. Often, Mariela arrives at the restaurant early to get everything prepared for a pharmaceutical firm that comes in three times a week for her meals.  Before they come in, she gets there around eight in the morning to start prep for the cooking and also to do the cooking for her normal customers during the day. We asked Mariela why her foods are at a lower price than most restaurants?  She says, “I like helping my community since there aren’t a lot of people that are rich around Lake City.  I want food to be more affordable for people” which makes sense considering her love for the neighborhood and concern for the people in the neighborhood.

The reason why Mariela does this is simply because she is not in the restaurant business for just the profits, she loves her community and gives back to the people. If you were wondering why the restaurant is named Manila Manila, well, surprisingly it’s named because of a famous song. In the Philippines. There’s a famous song named, “Manila Manila”, and when she was trying to open the restaurant and decorating it, she kept playing that song over and over again, that’s how she got the idea for Manila Manila. The name actually means “home away from home”, so Mariela thought it would make sense for her restaurant because her foods are like the Philippines away from the Philippines, also Mariela was born in Manila.

Manila Manila is located at 12710 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm. In our experience the food was very well cooked and had amazing taste!  We had Chicken Adobo, Pancit, and a side of lumpia. Mariela told us her customer’s favorite dish is the Chicken and Beef Steak with Onions.”

Olivia Fox (high school junior and a Summer 2016 – “Lake City Young Leaders” program participant)

Look for our next installment in the coming weeks. LCFF was proud to support a lunch on us at five local restaurant for the youth group with the promise that they would share their experience.