“World of Tastes” Winners Announced

“World of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City” Passport Winners Awarded!

Thank you to all the wonderful businesses and all those that took part in the 4th year of our business promotion program, “The World of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City”. This years partnership with the Seattle Neighborhood Farmer’s Market Foundation helped to increase the awareness of the program.

1st and 2nd Place Winners Mike and Kerri
3rd Place Winners, the Engel Family

This year our fist place winner was Mike Wotring. Mike admitted that his wife had done most of the work and that he benefited by “being along for the ride and all the great food Lake City has to offer”. Our 2nd place winner was Kerri Martinez who will enjoy one month of free yoga at Two Dog Yoga, a $25 gift card to Manila Manila and a $50 gift card to Elliott Bay Brewery. Third place went to Julia Engel who brought the whole family down to pick up their $50 gift card courtesy of the Seattle Farmer’s Markets. The first 20 people that turned in their passport with seven or more stamps also received $10 gift cards to the Farmers Markets.

Thank you to our sponsors, Kaffeeklatsch, Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market, Two Dog Yoga, Manila Manila, and Elliott Bay for their generosity.

This program is a way to bring awareness and support to our local eating and drinking establishments at no cost to them. All part of “Enjoying Lake City”.

Look for some changes next year as we continue to try and engage more people in the program.

“World of Tastes Passports” Due

September 22nd – ”World of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City” Passports Are Due

Don’t forget that in order to be eligible for the prize drawing your passport must be turned in to the Kaffeeklatsch by close of business on September 22, 2017. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via the contact information on your form.

This business promotion program works to bring awareness to local restaurants, markets and bars in Lake City at no cost to the businesses.

Questions or comments: director@lakecityfuturefirst.org

World of Tastes Needs You

Passport Updates

Many are aware of the recent closure of Mo & Lu Pasta. I had the opportunity to speak with several people yesterday at the LC Farmers Market about how sad and surprised they were to see them go. LCFF recently bought the new black planters in front of their location in part to honorĀ  that the location had finally gotten a business that was rapidly becoming another of our Lake City gems. The closure of Mo’s as well as El Norte, both participants on our “World of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City” passport program, serves as a strong reminder how important it is that we support our local businesses.

The “passport” program is just one of the ways we are trying to support our Lake City businesses at no cost to the owners. I am happy to say that the new establishment, Beyond the Bowl, will continue to provide stamps on the “Mo and Lu Pasta” circle of your passports.

Please do remember to turn in your passports and work to get your stamps on a level that is comfortable to you. The program runs until September 22nd and just four stamps enters you into a prize drawing. Remember that the first 20 people to turn in their passport in to the Kaffeeklatsch with 7 or more stamps gets a free $10 gift card to the Farmers Market.

With re-development sure to come and prices raising daily for all of us, many of our mom and pop businesses are just hanging on. It is common for these owners to be working for a paycheck and not for a profit. Let them know you support them and that you are glad they are a big part of Enjoying Lake City.