May 30th Parade Against Racial Injustice

Nathan Hale Students Organize Bike/Car Demonstration Through Lake City

Info provided by Tina Tudor form Nathan Hale:

“…we are having a car/bike demonstration through Lake City tomorrow morning starting at 9:30 and following the route below.  Our Racial Equity Team is the organizer. We wanted to give you a heads up and also an invitation to join us.

Take care all and looking forward to when we can again see each other.



What: Bike/Car Protest Parade route through Lake City

When: Saturday May 30th; begin congregating in the Hale staff lot (spill over into the student parking lot if necessary) at 9:30am with the protest departing at 10:00am.

Statement of Purpose: “To encourage our community to strive towards an antiracist mindset, to show our commitment to antiracist action and to demonstrate our solidarity with those who have been victims of racial injustice throughout our nation, the Nathan Hale High School Racial Equity Team invites you to join us for an informal car parade in the Lake City area this Saturday, May 30th.  We will start congregating in the Nathan Hale staff parking lot (corner of 110th St and 30th Ave NE) at 9:30am and then begin our drive at 10:00am along the following route: from school we will drive north on Lake City Way, turn east (right) on 135th, south (right) on 35th,  west (right) on 130th, and then south (left) on Lake City Way to return to school. We hope you can roll with us on Saturday. Bring your voice, your signs, and your commitment to justice for all people. Let’s make some noise. NOTE: We will be adhering to social distance guidelines during this event.”