March BLCT Meeting Notes

Community Meeting Notes for March 30, 2021

  1. Update on clean up crews in Lake City:
  2. Update on businesses affected by December 28th fire:
  3. Our first Community Clean-up of 2021 will be on Sunday, April 25th from 1pm – 3pm.
    1. More Information Coming
  4. Literary Source will be hosting their 19th Annual Breakfast on April 6th at 8:30am. Special guest Nancy Pearl will be giving exciting book recommendations. Click here to sign up:
  5. Featured Lake City Business Owners:
    1. Mohamed from Royal Market is here. Royal Market is located at 12333 Lake City Way, a little north of 30th Ave NE. The store has been in the area for about a year now. They sell primarily West African and East African foods, Halal meat, as well as pantry and dry good items.
      1. Mohammed’s Royal Market recommendation is the goat meat!
    2. Jack from Beyond the Bowl is here as well. Beyond the Bowl is located at 12518 Lake City Way NE, a little north of NE 125th The restaurant is a Japanese eatery, and has been around since 2017.
      1. Jack’s Beyond the Bowl recommendation is the poke!
    3. Tara Beck with the Homelessness Outreach and Provider Ecosystem (HOPE) Team is here to give some information.
      1. The HOPE Team is a coordinating team for referrals for shelter beds and other resources from outreach providers.
      2. The HOPE Team has more than 350 shelter resources coming online for this year, but there are still lots more than.
      3. The HOPE Team helps coordinate the difficult decision of prioritization, looking at different vulnerabilities and giving consideration to COVID safety as well.
      4. Lake City has 2 outreach providers, who are currently working at scaling up their capacity in the area.
      5. There are currently 3 Tiny House villages in development. One is in the UDistrict is expected to open in late April/early May. One is in North Seattle and is also expected to open in late April/early May, but Tara is not certain where in North Seattle. The location of the third village is not yet determined.
      6. A good point of contact would be, where concerns can be routed to the appropriate department.
    4. Derrick Belgrade from Chief Seattle Club is here to give an update on Sacred Medicine House, 125 units of permanent supportive, Indigenous-informed housing for people experiencing homelessness coming online by the end of 2022.
      1. The plan is to provide housing in a trauma-informed, culturally appropriate and holistic model centered on building community and fostering a sense of belonging
      2. The building will be at 14315 Lake City Way on the west side of LCW.
      3. There will be many different community resources on site on the bottom floor of the building including:
        1. Case managers
        2. Nurse’s station
  • Community spaces to hold ceremonies, meetings, etc
  1. The break ground date will be around September, but the project should only take about twelve months.
  2. Here is a rendering of the building:
  1. Ming Ming from the Refugee Artisan Initiative:
    1. The Refugee Artisan Initiative partners with immigrant and refugee women to provide training in small batch manufacturing.
    2. Their other area of work is upcycling! They work with donated bedsheets and fabrics to create new goods.
    3. In the past year, they have made more than 80,000 cloth masks.
    4. Last week, we had our first graduate of the medical scrub program. Sometimes medical scrub orders backlog up to a year, so RAI is excited to meet this need.
    5. They just started a fundraising campaign to get more enroll 10 more women in our medical scrub manufacturing training program, where they receive wages and critical skills they need to become respected and self-reliant citizens. Click here to donate!
  2. Molly Burke is here to give an update on the Lake City Farmers Market.
    1. The LC Farmers Market will open on July 1st through September 23rd.
    2. The market will be located on NE 125th & 28th NE, next to the Library off Lake City Way, 98125.
    3. COVID safety: The vendors and shoppers will both be following social distancing guidelines. Masks will be mandatory. There will be no eating on site at the market.
    4. There is a need for volunteers to help count shoppers as they come in and out of the market, to measure capacity.
    5. Food Access program is going strong! SNAP users automatically receive an unlimited dollar-for-dollar match with the Farmers Market Match program to be spent at any of our seven markets. Senior Nutrition checks should go out in June. WIC checks should go out by early July.

Next Meeting – April 15, 2020 from 6pm to 7:30pm