Let’s Talk About Food

Community Conversation March 22nd



















What to expect –

6 PM Free food and drink samples from vendors who will be at this year’s Lake City Farmers Market plus information tables.

6:45 – Welcome and Speakers on Food Issues in our Community. Including a representative from our District 5 Council Office and Esther Magasis, Food Bank Manager at Jewish Family Services food bank, to discuss Fare Worker Rights.

7:15 We will have a performance from Spoken Word Artist Jasmin Veeh. Jasmin is a young writer and artist from Germany, but has lived in Seattle for almost two years now. Her latest project are short stories, poems and artwork about a soup kitchen for the homeless that she is volunteering in since she arrived in the US, and especially the people she met there. Kris Curtis with the Seattle Farmer’s Market will also address the audience.

Approximately 7:30 – Group discussions on food issues and identification of priorities with an emphasis on action items for our community.

8:05-8:30 – Report out from group discussions and wrap up.

Thanks to Molly Burke with our own Lake City Farmers Market/Seattle Farmers Market Assoc. for organizing to bring:

Kaffeeklatsch/La Pasta/Patty Pan Cooperative/Salt Blade/Uncle Mike’s BBQ (each a market participant for this year)

to provide fabulous food samples and information about their businesses.

The evening with consist of speakers on food related topics, the Seattle Farmers Market will be there with a table and Chris Curtis will address the audience. We will also have a spoken word performance as part of the program. Bring the family this one should be a great deal of fun.