LCW Planters Part of Larger Effort

Lake City Collective Organizes LCW Planter Facelift

Photos Courtesy of Lake City Collective



Below from the Lake City Collective: Lake City Collective Facebook Page

“Next time you walk/drive by Downtown Lake City you’ll start seeing some things that have been seating quietly for years, they’re located between NE 123rd and NE 125th St and have gone unnoticed by most of us…these are the Lake City planters!
We thank Gavin from McGeorge Brothers LLC-Window Cleaners for their support by giving these planters the care and visibility they deserve, as his crew pressure-washed the ones on the west sidewalk today! they will come back next weekend to work on the ones located on the east sidewalk.

Maria Garcia, the business owner of Garcia’s Video came out and was very happy to see this; in the 20 years she’s had her business here, she said, this is the first time she’s ever seen something like this! A shout-out to our Latinx crew who did all the prep work, pulling weeds and removing any thrash inside, to Maria, our LCC Business Ambassador for the idea of bringing the planters back to life, and to those businesses who gave us permission to have access to water for this work: Thai One On, Nevas Barbershop, Pioneer Woodworks, #TheFishStoreSeattle, and Jose’s Taqueria.
This is just the beginning, next we’ll bring new plants provided by Nathan #halehorticulture, and will invite members from the Lake City Lions to joins us when we plant them (except for the one that has a Dark-eyed Junco nest with two chicks!). People like Ms. Garcia, who has had her store in the LC urban village long enough, has memories of how this block felt lively and vibrant years ago, and…”un señor traía flores y las cuidaba mucho” (a man used to bring flowers and took good care of them), we know she’s clearly referring to the LC Lions and that man most likely was Chuck Dickey. We feel the least we can do to honor their contributions to this business district is to reach out to them. Last but not least, we’ll be working with two local artists, Kendra Azari and Mahmoud Al Mamar, to make the planters and the beautiful stones they’re covered with, stand out.
The project to support ethnic businesses in LC and revitalize this block is supported by OED thru BLCT, it has other components, so stay tune for more updates!”