Lake City Summer Festival

August 4th from 10:30-4 with Parade Activities Starting at 6pm

In Imogene Inglet’s book, Lil’ Ol’ Lake City, the opening to her chapter on “Pioneer Days” starts with the following: “What keeps a tradition alive? People! And, in the case of Lake City, a community spirit that never dies.” Imogene goes on to talk about the beginnings of the “Lake City Summer Festival” that in 1947, became known as “Pioneer Days”.

It was Ethel and Albert Davis (for whom Albert Davis Park behind the Lake City Community Center is named) that started the tradition of the Salmon Bake in 1950 after taking it upon themselves to research methods of cooking salmon by traveling to salmon bakes around the region.

For over 70 years the Salmon Bake has gone on in Lake City as part of the community’s largest celebration. Imogene’s words continue to ring true as neighbors and community members come together, working hard to create a festival and parade that is reflective of our changing and growing  Lake City.

As we look back we honor individuals and organizations like the Lake City Lion’s, who built the Lake City Community Center, donated funds to build Albert Davis Park, traded land to the City to build the LC Library and built Virgil Flaim Park. As we look forward we realize that we maintain much of the same spirit that has come before, bring together families and neighbors to eat, play and enjoy each other’s company.

Bob Greenspun has done an incredible job of expanding the event and organizing the Parade. Please visit the website:

LCFF is proud to be leading the Salmon Bake and World Music Stage as well as organizing activities for Kids and Families in Albert Davis Park during the festival. With live music and dance performances happening throughout the day we have also partnered with tons of organizations to bring fun for kids of all ages.

Some highlights include:Seattle Gymnastics Academy / King County Automated Finger Print ID System / Children’s Art Showcase and Much More!