Lake City Historical Mural

June 7th Mural Dedication

Thank you to the fantastic work of artist Gabrielle Abbott who has created the new Lake City Historical Mural on the north wall of Interior Floor Designs (12060 Lake City Way NE). The mural is the latest in the Lake City Mural Project program headed by Mark Mendez. Build Lake City Together was honored to support the effort financially along with partners the NE Seattle Rotary and Interior Floor Designs. Thank you to the 50 volunteers who pitched in to create this truly special addition to our neighborhood. Following is the poem that local poet Raul Sanchez read at the dedication ceremony followed by some photos of the event.

Lake City Blossoms

In ancient times, pre-historic mammals roamed. 

After the great flood they were buried in mud 

and crevasses deep.

From the highest mountains the Raven could only see—


Once the water began to recede,   

strips of land were exposed. Lakes, rivers and streams  

brought life to these shores.


Fertile land to build upon, 

to grow fruits and vegetables,

flowers and cherry blossoms. 

Mr. Hayashi’s family land taken

never returned. 


Just like the Duwamish land, taken, unrecognized, 

surviving against all odds. 

The city by the lake bloomed and grew. 

Colorful, flavorful place where art thrives,

and community solidifies. 

The Raven is still watching, 

perched up on the highest peaks, 

sometimes laughing at us 

squawking loudly when we do wrong,

squawking to wake us up.


Gone are the speakeasies,  

the farms, the longhouse of Mathews Beach, 

the bowling alley, Nishitani Gardens 

and the Jolly Roger theatre all gone. 

Yet the city comes to life with parades, 


Music and dance, popular art for all to see!

But the salmon bake, a quintessential tradition

Virgil, Chuck and Frank know well along with 

Mr. Ralph Gordon Smith the biggest Lion in the Club. 

Remember that the Raven is a trickster, he changes things. 


So next time you walk on 28th at 125th, 

take a moment, stop to remember, 

that this land now covered in concrete 

was once covered by water and now, 

flooded with life, culture and art.

By Raúl Sánchez, Lake City, WA June 7th 2021